Energy saving: 4 tips to reduce consumption that you don’t always think about

Energy saving: 4 tips to reduce consumption that you don’t always think about

Energy saving: 4 tips to reduce consumption that you don’t always think about

Are you looking to cut your electricity costs? Here are some simple things you don’t always think about, but that can help you cut your energy bill.

1 – Clean the appliances

A vacuum cleaner hose or fan dusty and it’s overheating! Your devices will have a harder time running efficiently, which will lead to excessive power consumption. So get into the habit of cleaning them regularly, especially the more energy-intensive ones such as the refrigerator, dryer, dishwasher, etc. Also think about your lamps and any electrical appliances placed on a shelf that could easily collect dust.

2 – Clutter the radiators

Beyond the risk of fire, it is not recommended to cover the radiator, as this will have the effect of reducing its power and putting it into overdrive to compensate. For the same reasons, it is best to avoid placing objects in front, such as furniture or curtains. Remember to free up as much space as possible around your heating appliances.

3 – Ventilate the accommodation

It will probably seem strange to you, but opening your house for a few minutes even if it is bitterly cold outside helps to avoid too intense activity of the radiator. The reason is quite simple: if the accommodation is not ventilated, the air becomes humid and the room becomes more difficult to heat. Ventilate for a few minutes then dry the air a little, without completely cooling your home. This gesture is also essential to renew the air and stay healthy, in winter as in summer!

4 – Follow the time of electricity

You are probably aware that there are peak and off-peak hours in terms of electricity consumption. These periods correspond to the times when the peaks are low, medium or high. It is possible to consult them on the EDF website or from Linky counters.

Other services go further: Écowatt, for example, maps the consumption levels of all French people in real time. A sort of electric weather report that gives “clear signals to guide the consumer to adopt the right gestures”. The website is also committed to informing the French to help them cope with possible power outages this winter, should we face significant cold spells.

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