Erling Haaland’s stratospheric debut with Manchester City

Erling Haaland’s stratospheric debut with Manchester City

Erling Haaland’s stratospheric debut with Manchester City

What’s after this announcement

Haaland destroys everything in its path

Manchester City paid € 60 million this summer to take on crack Erling Haaland. The amount of the transfer seems ridiculous and not at all the robbery of the century, especially in view of the start of the stratospheric season of the Norwegian. The 22-year-old striker didn’t need any adaptation time at Manchester City. With 10 goals already scored in 6 Premier League games, Haaland is proving to be the missing piece in Pep Guardiola’s squad. And even in the Champions League, a competition that the Cytizens have been running for for many years, the cyborg impresses. A brace for his first game against Sevilla FC and another exceptional goal yesterday against his former team of Borussia Dortmund (2-1) which brings his total to 13 goals in 8 games for Skyblues. If Kylian Mbappé is considered a true precocity phenomenon, Erling Haaland is quite good in the genre too. With two goals against Sevilla on the first day of the group stage, the Norwegian has reached the threshold of 25 goals in the Champions League in just 20 games. By way of comparison, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé had scored as many goals in C1 after 42 games and Cristiano Ronaldo after 63 games. That’s a ratio of one goal every 61 minutes on the pitch. Simply monstrous. Well, if yesterday’s result allowed him to bring his total to 26 goals, he also helped to lower this impressive ratio a bit. Knowing the phenomenon, this statistic will certainly not please him, but if he continues at this rate he can shake record holder Cristiano Ronaldo who currently has 141 Champions League goals.

Deschamps hopes for Pogba but …

Didier Deschamps was eagerly awaited at a press conference this Thursday. If the goal was to discover the list of the Blues, the technician was questioned for a long time on the non-sporting issues that are troubling France at the moment. Less than two months before the World Cup, the news of the Blues is very, very eventful. Between injuries and non-sporting problems, Didier Deschamps must have his mind quite busy right now. And as might be expected, the Pogba affair is back on the table. If the French coach did not want to interfere in this affair which is a private matter, he has expressed his opinion of him on the marabout. “No, I am not worried, I am calm by nature under all circumstances. I exchange with him but I don’t ask myself to intervene in stories that can be created and recreated. As you know, in his private domain with the justice that does his job, that’s all today. Despite everything he is solid, he has character and is focused on the field, which will lead him to return and give himself the means to recover.

Manchester City still wants to give Guardiola away

Despite a very full transfer window this summer, Manchester City intend to be active next winter. The sun he also explained that the Mancunian management had promised Pep Guardiola a nice envelope worth 110 million euros. Good Transfer market reveals today on which player this amount could be invested. It is not exactly a surprise given that his name had already been associated with the Cityzens, but the transalpine media explain that it is much more than just an interest. We are talking about the Milan star Rafael Leão. Voted best player in Serie A last season, the Portuguese forward returns to the same level this year with already 3 goals in 6 assists in all competitions. We already know that in the event of a transfer it will be at least € 100 million. Especially since Milan are trying to negotiate a new contract to increase its release clause which is currently 150 million euros. Manchester City and the other suitors have been warned.

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