Exceptional energy voucher from 100 to 200 euros: this is who should benefit from it

Exceptional energy voucher from 100 to 200 euros: this is who should benefit from it

Exceptional energy voucher from 100 to 200 euros: this is who should benefit from it

5.8 million French people had to receive the energy allowance.
After the “classic” energy check, a new expanded plant is planned (© Adobe Stock / ALF photo)

To cope rising energy pricesthe government is planning a new push. During a press conference on Wednesday 14 September 2022, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the payment of a new energy allowance ” before the end of the year “, for an amount of 100 or 200 euros.

40% of households in France

These “exceptional checks” will be sent to “12 million families”, which represents “Four families out of ten”, stressed Elisabeth Borne.

The scale has not yet been detailed by the executive and the deputy minister for public accounts, Gabriel Attal, assured Thursday that it will be specified in the coming weeks.

However, if we rely on INSEE data (dated 2019 and published in October 2021), 40% of the most modest households in France are those in decile 1 to 4 [Les déciles sont des valeurs qui divisent les revenus en dix parties d’effectifs égaux. Le premier décile est le salaire au-dessus duquel se situent 90 % des salaires ; le neuvième décile est le salaire au-dessus duquel se situent 10 % des salaires, Ndlr]
. The people referred to the annual standard of living is less than 18,610 euros (1550 euros per month) should therefore benefit from this exceptional control.

Here is the breakdown of the annual living standards that would be affected:

  • <1st decile: € 8,710
  • Between 1st and 2nd decile: 13,310 euros
  • Between the 2nd and 3rd decile: € 16,120
  • Between the 3rd and 4th decile: 18,610 euros

A 1.8 billion euro bill

The amount of the energy allowance will vary from 100 to 200 euros depending on the income of the family. The Prime Minister gave several examples:

  • A single mother with two children who receives the minimum wage (1329 euros net per month) will receive an exceptional energy allowance of 200 euros.
  • A couple of workers with a cumulative net income of 3000 euros per month with two children will benefit from aid of 100 euros.

Again, we don’t know which scales will be applied to get 100 or 200 euros. Contacted, the ministries of the economy and that of public accounts, as well as the office of the Prime Minister have not followed up.

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These exceptional energy controls will represent a total bill of 1.8 billion euros for the state, added Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire.

Help for oil houses

In addition, the government is providing aid from 100 to 200 euros for heating homes with fuel oil, as part of a budget of 230 million euros voted in Parliament this summer, Gabriel Attal announced Thursday morning. 1.4 million French people (ie half of the families that heat with oil) will be affected by this aid, which will be disbursed “from November”.

It will be possible to combine it with the exceptional check, promises the minister of public accounts. In total, by the end of the year, several hundred thousand people will be able to benefit from energy aid of up to 400 euros.

If you received the first energy check, you will have the new one

The “classic” energy allowance, for an amount ranging between 48 and 277 euros, was paid from the end of April 2022 to households whose reference tax income is less than 10,800 euros. 5.8 million people benefited from it. They will also be affected by the new system.

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