Exoprimal – TGS 22 – Exoprimal clarifies its narrative framework and reveals new exocombattenti

Exoprimal – TGS 22 – Exoprimal clarifies its narrative framework and reveals new exocombattenti

Exoprimal – TGS 22 – Exoprimal clarifies its narrative framework and reveals new exocombattenti

Capcom is taking advantage of the Tokyo Game Show to present some new parts of Exoprimal, its online action game that pits ex-combatants against hordes of dinosaurs. On the program: narrative framework, new exoskeletons and unpublished dinosaurs.

Capcom take advantage of Tokyo game show 2022 to reveal some new parts of its upcoming games. In the lot, the developer specifies the narrative framework ofExpressiblehis online multiplayer game that pits small groups of players (who embody fighters wearing exoskeletons) against hordes of dinosaurs.


The story of the game begins in 2040, while flaws appear and occasionally let dinosaur cohorts escape into the world. To repel them, squads of fighters are formed and the player takes command of one of them: the player embodies Ace (a character whose appearance can be customized, just like the exoarmours), who leads the Hammerheads, one of the exo-fighters units that fight dinosaurs – made up of team mechanic, Lorenz; by engineer Alder (with the right hand prosthesis); the pilot exoskeleton Majesty and finally the support android Sandy, who accompanies the fighters. In Exoprimal, serious things still begin in 2043, when the Hammerheads’ plane crashes on the island of Bikitoa …
At the same time, the AI ​​Leviathan is tasked with “improving the exoskeletons” and is working on it with zeal, imposing hundreds, even thousands of simulations on ex-fighters facing dinosaurs or other ex-combatants … We will have to fight or die, knowing what to fight. augment the power and knowledge of the AI ​​that holds Hammerheads captive.
On the island, players will be able to rely on allies (such as Magmum, who shares his knowledge of current events with the player), while other characters play a more ambiguous role, such as the enigmatic Durban (whom we see in his black exoskeleton at the end of the trailer).

The trailer also reveals two new exoskeletons. First of all Murasame (Tank), which is inspired by samurai and comes with a sword, the katana Kiri-Ichimonji. The Murasame exoskeleton has a protection ability that blocks enemy attacks from all directions and incorporates a “Rasetsu” mode that can be activated during a counterattack to temporarily enhance its ability. Next Skywave (Support) is a highly mobile exoskeleton that heals allies and fires celestial spears. Skywave also has a “jammer” that obstructs the view of opponents (dinosaurs or opposing team of ex-combatants) and can freeze its opponents in place to hinder their mobility.

Neo T-Rex

The video also reveals a new tool, “the Blade”, which takes the form of a large electromagnetic shuriken that briefly paralyzes opponents and allows you to clear the most crowded environments of enemies.

We finally discover new dinosaurs: i Dilophosaurus with its collar, which spits a poisonous poison that obscures the sight of its prey; and the Carnotaur, a massive beast with sharp horns that brutally charges its opponents. We also see the strange Neo T-Rexan “incredibly powerful” mutant neosaur.

For the record, Exoprimal is expected in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC (Steam). The developer promises the regular addition of exoskeletons and new dinosaurs to renew the gaming experience and gradually lift the veil on the narrative framework of the game universe.

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