Fall 2022: What are the trending colors you expect to see everywhere this season?

Fall 2022: What are the trending colors you expect to see everywhere this season?

Fall 2022: What are the trending colors you expect to see everywhere this season?

Who says back to school says new trends! After a colorful summer, we move towards autumn. And surprise: it will be anything but gloomy. Focus on the five colors that will blow our looks this season.

If all eyes are on the fashion shows to discover new fashion trends, it really is on the street that pass the test of popularity. The catwalks were unveiled last March all collections signed autumn-winter 2022-2023. And if we talked about the new silhouettes, we hardly notice their impact now when it girls begin to adopt them. Out of all the fashion trends of the season, we wanted to know more about the colors that we will see absolutely everywhere this autumn 2022.

Orange sweeps everything in its path in the fall of 2022

Summer seems to be getting longer! We are witnessing an explosion of pigments with an unexpected trend: orange. But not just any one. What will light up the fall of 2022 is the ultra vibrant and intense orange shade and much brighter than Pumpkin Spice. To think clementine and sunset during the Indian summer. On jackets, trousers, accessories … orange is everywhere.

Emili Sindlev in Vibrant Orange Christian Vierig / Getty Images

The barbicore trend requires bright pink in the fall of 2022

From fashion show to the film Barbie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling was born the hot pink trend. This very flashy barbie pink has literally invaded the summer of 2022 and continues its run for the start of the school year. As to Valentinowe wear it from head to toe. Anne HathawayZendaya, Kris Jenner … all the stars have already adopted this shade that enhances all complexions. the pink barber it is also a good way to add a touch of color to a sober look with an accessory or shoes.

Anne Hathaway in pink Barbie Action Press / Bestimage

Green did not say its last word in the fall of 2022

If it is very popular in interior decoration right now, the green it also settles in our wardrobes. From English green with lime zest via fir, is displayed in all its states. The big trend right now is to skip jeans green pants which has character. But it also works on blazers, dresses and accessories to spice up her everyday look with an iridescent hue.

The chestnuts go into action in the fall of 2022

A first wave of chestnuts warned us at the beginning of the year and today, the trend continues. Brown will indeed be there in the fall of 2022. And in many forms! the Chocolate brown it is obviously the most popular. Its neither warm nor cold hue made it as easy to wear as black. Uniform, checked or in a zebra version, he will brighten up everyday looks. The other alternative is the “milk” shade. It is a very light brown, inspired – of course – by our favorite caffeinated drinks and which softens the appearance giving it freshness. This time, the milk color is worn on a monochromatic and bright outfit.

50 shades of brown will arrive this fall Raimonda Kulikauskiene / Getty Images

Gray lights up in autumn 2022

The idea is not really to match the clouds that point the tip of the nose, but rather to adopt the total look of a working girl. Blazer, work trousers, loafers, sleeveless jacket… The style of work is one of big trends for the new school year and of course, gray is the best color to adopt it in an androgynous version with a flashy touch (lime green, for example). Bring out your best imitation of Don Draper in mad Men because this season the boss is you!

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