Fashion back to school 2022: the clothes to buy from Mango

Fashion back to school 2022: the clothes to buy from Mango

Fashion back to school 2022: the clothes to buy from Mango

Posted Aug 30, 2022 at 2:15 pm

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The end of summer has arrived and with it the farewell to the wardrobe of sunny days. To prepare for this new season, we are looking into the new Mango products.

It’s the end. No more trips to the beach, sunny walks and aperitifs on the terrace, it’s time to go back to school. In the coming weeks, temperatures will rise and the sky will darken, forcing us to review the contents of our (almost) entire wardrobe. So, inevitably, the autumn winter 2022-2023 trends arouse our interest. XXL coat, shiny leather, nineties denim skirt, bold balaclava… the stylistic desires of the moment follow one another but they are not the same. To find the ones that suit us best, let’s take a look at our favorite budget brands. After locating the back-to-school pieces from Zara, our attention turns to its competitor Mango. And the least we can say is that the Spanish giant has something to delight fashionistas.

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Trendy pieces spotted by Mango

For the start of the school year, Mango unveils a healthy dose of trendy clothes and timeless pieces. Winter after winter, leather is the king of the season. However, in the coming months, it will be impossible to ignore the latter as it invades the collections of our favorite brands. At Mango it is worn over straight trousers, a miniskirt, a perfecto or even a jacket with golden buttons for a rock and sophisticated look at the same time. For a very modern silhouette, pair it with raw jeans or a Y2K-style micro skirt, the hottest trend of the moment. Stiletto heels, seen at Dior, Chanel and even Paco Rabanne fashion shows, are revealed in princess style with sheer inserts and immaculate pearls. For an ultra-feminine silhouette, wear them with a purple pleated skirt, THE back-to-school color, or a printed wrap dress. To protect yourself from the cold, we opt for soft sweaters, such as a sailor-style turtleneck or a cream-colored braided top. Without further ado, here are the fashion pieces to buy from Mango this fall.

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