Fashion Week: Puma launches into Web3 revealing NFTs

Fashion Week: Puma launches into Web3 revealing NFTs

Fashion Week: Puma launches into Web3 revealing NFTs

The redesigned black station – Puma opens the doors to its metaverse, where its community can admire exclusive sneakers in digital version. Owners of the brand’s NFTs will be able to wear these premium products, destroying their tokens.

Metavers and NFT: Puma launches its digital sneakers

“We told them the sky was the limit.” In a press release on 7 September, Heiko Desens, Puma’s Global Creative Director and Head of Innovation, spoke about the the company’s new web3 initiative.

Puma asked the designers to take “digital liberties in designing these shoe styles”. The sports giant has in fact launched “this is its first ever experiment on the metaverse website, called Black Station ”, Which exhibits the exclusive NFTs published by the brand.

The Black Station was PUMA’s “home” for its most innovative creations 20 years ago and the company now wants to transform it into “a new portal for digital exploration through fashion, sports performance,” according to Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer of the company. This digital universe can be accessed at

Puma, metaverse and NFT

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Nitropass NFT for physical sneakers

Visitors to the Puma metaverse will be able to explore three virtual portals. The first two portals are open from 7 September. Visitors can find there the exclusive Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers, which are related to the Nitropass NFT of the brand, recently minted.

Nitropass NFT holders can obtain two more NFTs, the first of which is tied to physical products and the second “unlocks a personalized experience tied to the chosen shoe”.

After last week’s New York Fashion Week, which featured the German brand’s “Futrograde” collection, Nitropass NFT holders can burn their product-related non-fungible tokens, so they can claim their physical shoes.

Puma was already playing NFTs, shyly meowing in the industry, earlier this year. The sports giant is now roaring on the web3 with its Black Station 3.0 and NFT linked to exclusive products and experiences, for its crypto-fans.

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