FFF: Romain Molina launches a new bomb, Le Grat and the FFF again screwed by the accusations!  – Soccer

FFF: Romain Molina launches a new bomb, Le Grat and the FFF again screwed by the accusations! – Soccer

FFF: Romain Molina launches a new bomb, Le Grat and the FFF again screwed by the accusations!  – Soccer

Just a few days after So Foot’s compromising revelations, the French Football Association is again tied to the sexual abuse allegations. Journalist Romain Molina denounces several heinous acts, but also the silence of the authorities and the president of the FFF Nol Le Grat.

FFF: Romain Molina launches a new bomb, Le Gra

Nol Le Grat, the president of the FFF.

Romain Molina had promised a real bomb that would shake the French Football Association. A few days after the publication of a So Foot investigation on the FFF, the Josimar media publishes in turn an article by the French journalist who really risks making noise.

When something happens, shut your mouth

In this poll titled 40 years of silence , Molina – author of reports and investigations for media such as The Guardian, CNN, BBC and New York Times – denounces various acts of sexual assault, harassment or violence against minors, and stresses the silence of the authorities. She assures that Nol Le Grat, current president of the FFF, and other senior Federation officials have been hiding multiple cases of sexual abuse since the 1980s.

When something happens, shut your mouth. This is how it works. They are too powerful. As soon as you talk about abuse, you are offside explains a former FFF board member in this article. The culprits? It is not only the FFF, but also the LFP, the clubs, adds this source. I mean, have you seen how many cases we’ve had in the last two years? What have we done to protect our children?

Molina underlines the laxity of the authorities

According to this investigation, several cases of sexual abuse, blackmail and harassment, particularly against minor players, have involved coaches, agents or even senior officials of the French football elite. Molina cites, for example, Anglique Roujas, former coach in charge of the women’s section of the Clairefontaine training center and dismissed by the FFF due to sexual relations with underage players.

Another case cited, that of David San Jos, rejected by the petition for inappropriate behavior towards a 13-year-old Clairefontaine. If these two people were fired, Molina especially denounces the laxity of the Federation, which only once warned the authorities contrary to what the law requires, and only under the pressure of the players who had threatened to strike.

The Minister of Sport initiates an audit and control mission

These new allegations come when the Minister of Sport launched an audit on Friday following the revelations of So Foot magazine. During the day, the Minister of Sport Amlie Ouda-Castera, Le Grat and Florence Hardouin (director general of the institution) met. The Minister told them that he would initiate a mission of the Inspectorate General for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) to verify and control the management of the Federation and compliance with the obligations associated with it. a press release from the minister explained.

In its investigation, published on September 8, So Foot particularly evoked a reprehensible behavior of Le Grat who, according to several anonymous testimonies, would have sent sexual SMS to the employees of the instance. Following these accusations, the president of 3F has decided to file a libel complaint against the magazine due to the grossly defamatory charges contained in art.

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