Foot PSG – PSG: Kimpembe’s attitude will have serious consequences

Foot PSG – PSG: Kimpembe’s attitude will have serious consequences

Foot PSG – PSG: Kimpembe’s attitude will have serious consequences

Spared Saturday by referee Jérémie Pignard against Brest (1-0), Presnel Kimpembe is not immune to criticism. Many condemn the behavior of the Paris Saint-Germain central defender who unfortunately serves as an example for future generations.

Despite his unavailability, the next few days will not be easy for Presnel Kimpembe. The Paris Saint-Germain central defender is the subject of controversy after his stance against Brest on Saturday. To begin with, the captain of the day in the absence of Marquinhos at kick-off miraculously escaped a second yellow card on a dangerous tackle. Then the Parisian disrespected Jérémie Pignard. ” Wesh, don’t touch me brother! Why are you touching me? “, Presnel Kimpembe released, rejecting the referee’s hand.

Unacceptable behavior for journalist Dave Appadoo, shocked to see the international flag do so well. ” I find Presnel Kimpembe’s attitude deplorable and unforgivable, all the more so when you are captaincriticized the columnist of the channel L’Equipe. I found it outrageous as an attitude. When you see the scene, it’s outrageous. It’s amazing that the referee, who came as a pedagogue to try to calm him down and bring him down, knowing that he had just escaped from red … And that he was acting like that …

Kimpembe the bad example

So maybe he is under the influence of irritation because he knows he is hurt, but in spite of everything he should never do it. And above all it is terrible that he is not sanctioned because what impact? We know very well that this has consequencesthe reporter warned. That is to say that behind, the boys, the neighborhood games, etc., we know very well that this type of attitude has consequences when they pass and are not sanctioned. Indeed, Presnel Kimpembe is now proof that bad behavior on the pitch is not necessarily synonymous with punishment.

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