for Aminata Touré the election of Amadou Mame Diop to the perch is an “injustice”

for Aminata Touré the election of Amadou Mame Diop to the perch is an “injustice”

for Aminata Touré the election of Amadou Mame Diop to the perch is an “injustice”

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We have the courage to say “no” when family preference comes before merit. The former Senegalese prime minister does not mince words, the day after the election of Amadou Mame Diop as president of the National Assembly.

The election of Amadou Mame Diop, of the governing coalition, to the post of President of the National Assembly, this Monday, September 12, took place in a stormy way, in Dakar. The opposition had boycotted the vote, after a parliamentary return that turned into a race for success.

I will be the president of all the deputies “, Said in the evening Amadou Mame Diop, just elected to the roost, in a calm voice, despite the struggle in the Hemicycle. ” You are not our president ! “, For its part has launched an opposition member.

The candidacy of this deputy mayor was a surprise. Our correspondent in Dakar, Carlotta Idrache explained that no one had foreseen this choice by President Macky Sall before his name was announced on Monday morning.

Originally from Saint-Louis, pharmacist by profession, Amadou Mame Diop joined the APR, the presidential party, when it was created in 2008. Elected deputy in 2012 on the departmental majority list in Dagana, he took the town hall of Richard-Toll in 2014, before being re-elected to the Shareholders’ Meeting in 2017.

Since 2020 he has chaired the Accounting and Control Commission. He was also appointed, in April 2021, to lead SAPCO, the Society for the development and promotion of the coasts and tourist areas of Senegal.

He is an elected local official with no national purpose “, Mocks an observer of political life. However, Amadou Mame Diop has become the second figure in the state. Reputed to be serene, the new President of the Assembly will need calm to supervise the debates, which are expected to be eventful.

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“I believe that the selection criterion was not objective”

In the majority, other personalities approached for the roost, in particular Aminata Touré. The former premier had led the national list of the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition for the legislative elections. Alerted Monday morning by a phone call from the Head of State, the deputy, at the end of the day before the vote for the office of President of the Assembly, got up and left the Chamber before the ballot.

“Mimì” Touré speaks of a ” injustice “, And a choice based on” family ties by Amadou Mame Diop with the presidential couple.

In principle, I did not participate in the vote. I believe that Benno’s selection criterion for candidates was not objective, it was more a family criterion than a militant merit. I could have settled for a political deal, a well-paid folding seat, but no. Therefore, our organizations must also operate in a rational way, that merit must return as a selection criterion, because not everyone has a long arm, not everyone is a cousin or pro-cousin of the President of the Republic. I have nothing against the a priori gentleman, but let’s start with the courage also to say no, when it is the preference of the family that comes before the merit, that’s all. And this is also, in fact, in the direction of women. We often think it’s like being at home: we clean, etc., and it’s free; we are there to serve others and then, afterwards, you go back to where you came from. You top the list, you win, but hey, it must be a man to sit down. No ! There are still 5,175 kilometers, the current president of the National Assembly has not done so.

Aminata Touré, former Prime Minister of Senegal

“I think it wasn’t fair, that’s clear”

For Aminata Touré this is in fact a new blow, after alternating political events, and in particular her replacement with Idrissa Seck at the head of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, in 2020. But the former Prime Minister remains a member of the Benno coalition Bokk Yaakaar, reminds RFI: ” I remain deputy for Benno ! The law clearly states that when you resign, you lose your parliamentary job, which I do not intend to do. I’m going to be a member of parliament, it is the only function that interests me at the moment.

Strong personality, it was not unanimous within the coalition, one of its members advances. Do you want the head of state? Aminata Touré:

No ! It’s not a personal question, actually. I think it wasn’t fair; this is clear. And I believe women should be treated better. I also believe that family considerations don’t have much space in the public space.

The deputy also claims that he wants to propose a law on “family incompatibilities” with certain functions.

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