Formula 1 – Red Bull and Porsche close negotiations for a partnership

Formula 1 – Red Bull and Porsche close negotiations for a partnership

Formula 1 – Red Bull and Porsche close negotiations for a partnership

Porsche will not come to Formula 1. In any case, not with Red Bull. The German manufacturer announced on Friday the end of discussions for a partnership with the Red Bull Formula 1 team, for its return to motorsport, a surprise after several months of negotiations. “As part of a possible entry of Porsche into the world of Formula 1, the Porsche company and Red Bull have been in talks in recent months. The two companies jointly concluded that these discussions would not continue.Porsche said in a statement.

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This failure is unexpected when discussions seemed to have come to a close last July, before finally being extended. “The beginning (of these discussions) has always been a partnership between equals (…) This could not be achieved“, justified the manufacturer without giving further details.”However, motor racing remains an attractive environment for Porsche.“who wants to continue”to observe” chance.

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Audi will be there

The German car group Volkswagen, owner of Porsche, announced in April that it is in favor of the project with Red Bull, for a partnership that will allow the brand to return to the championship. Discussions focused on an acquisition by Porsche of up to 50% of the Red Bull team, the current leader in the constructors’ world championship. Porsche has already raced in Formula 1, between 1957 and 1962, then has supplied Mclaren engines since 1983.

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McLaren ditched them for Honda in 1988 and Porsche’s last appearance in F1 was a brief comeback in 1991. Audi, another Volkswagen brand, has for its part pushed ahead with its project and should actually make its own. debut in Formula 1 in 2026. A partnership with a team should be “announced by the end of the year“, indicated in late August the CEO of the company, Markus Duesman. Committed as the whole Volkswagen group to a vast electric gearbox, Audi and Porsche hope to exploit an entry into Formula 1 to show their” green “technologies and ambitions.

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