Fortnite: a player achieves a great feat with his Kamehameha!

Fortnite: a player achieves a great feat with his Kamehameha!

Fortnite: a player achieves a great feat with his Kamehameha!

A Fortnite player has accomplished a real feat using a simple technique. Namely, the Kamehameha.

A Fortnite player just got a huge feat with his Kamehameha. Which did not fail to cause a sensation in the universe created by Epic Games. MCE TV tells you everything, from A to Z!

Fortnite an ultra popular video game

Since its launch a few years ago, Fortnite is a real success. And this, for the simple and good reason that players seem to love the news that Epic Games does not stop offering.

Thus, the latter never get bored and can chain the games without ever getting tired. As you may have gathered, the creators of the game are doing everything they can to allow players to thrive.

And the least we can say is that this is not likely to change anytime soon. Interviewed by the PlayStation blog, Eric Williamson, head of the design of Fortnite, had thus confided in the success of the game.

“We are amazed by this success. We are extremely happy that the players are enjoying the game and that it allows them to have fun together! “

He also explained that he is ready to do anything to please the players. “The team is constantly trying to improve everything at all levels and a lot is based on player feedback. Whether it’s to improve performance, create new content or update existing game elements, we are always striving to improve the experience. “

And if you have any advice to give all fortnite lovers, is the following: “To build! Learning how to place a ramp to access the roof of a building, for example, is a great first step. “

“Fortnite’s action building system should be used for movement, defense or even attack, and getting your bearings with the system is a great way to increase your chances of winning. »MCE TV tells you more about Fortnite!

A player goes wild with Kamehameha

If the creators of Fortnite are still trying to make the changes necessary for the game to be successful, then they might not passes by the Kamehameha.

This fictional fighting technique inspired by the famous Dragon Ball anime it was immediately a huge success. So many players use it.

The reason ? Goku’s technique inflicts colossal damage continuously and does not require excessive aim to cause chaos “, so explains Millenium.

Also, a Fortnite player seems to have accomplished a feat thanks to Kamehameha. The latter, with a single gesture, entered the top 1 even before getting on the bus. What the buzz did not fail to do!

How did he do? It is quite simple. The latter set up a tent in which he kept the famous technique. After that he has hit the bus head-on.

A brilliant idea, right? In any case, one thing is certain, is that the latter made a strong impression on social media thanks to his victory.

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