France 2’s new Saturday night talk show announces a change in continuity

France 2’s new Saturday night talk show announces a change in continuity

France 2’s new Saturday night talk show announces a change in continuity

The show that will follow We are aliveon Saturday, in the second part of the evening, from 24 September, on France 2, he will finally be called What an era! Léa Salamé and her teams “struggled all summer” to find this definitive title when, in early July, the project was announced with, as a working title, We can no longer say anything.

The inspiration ultimately came from Orelsan’s prose, and in particular from his song Clean. Léa Salamé was looking for “the expression of the moment” to talk about the current “crazy and anxious period, in which we don’t really know where we will land.” The exclamation title, What an era!it seemed particularly appropriate.

One hundred people in the audience

The program was presented to the media this Wednesday afternoon, roughly speaking. “It will be a very sequential show, with several appointments. There will be very regularly a political guest, artists, intellectuals, personalities who have marked the news of the week or will mark the next… ”, explained Régis Lamanna-Rodat of Winter Productions. The producer adds that the audience, made up of a hundred people, will be distributed on the set and will surround the guests who should be seven to eight per week.

No great revolution, this new discourse assumes to stay in line with those who preceded it – Everyone talks about it, We are not in bedWe are live, mixing worlds and generations, news commentary and promotional interviews.

Léa Salamé “scared is happy”

As launch approached, Léa Salamé said she was “scared and happy” and talked about taking risks. “It’s a real challenge for me. Until then, I have built a career as a political journalist. I was suffocating a little, I wanted to open the window. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, but I go there with great enthusiasm and humility, ”she said.

If Laurent Ruquier, with whom he co-hosted We are alive last season, leaving the Saturday night stage she had occupied for sixteen years, she couldn’t imagine being completely alone at the controls of this new show.

“The nostalgia of people who dare”

Léa Salamé thus wanted to keep the comedian Philippe Caverivière close to her, with whom she has established a “complicity” in recent months. At a press conference, you said you take “pleasure” in commenting on the “madness of time”. She also officiates at RTL’s microphone every morning she was happy that the audience regularly told her: “You dare”. “There is nostalgia for people who dare. We will try to find that, to speak in the second instance, to face people’s intelligence, ”she promised.

Léa Salamé and Régis Lamanna-Rodat also signed Christophe Dechavanne, who was their first pick from a list of potential recruits. The journalist believes he has “a true vision of society, spontaneity and a sense of response. The principal concerned will not work as a sniper but as a “permanent guest”, with carte blanche.

“Back to my first loves: debating, meeting people from different backgrounds. My goal is to be my Twitter account: bullshit, super school stuff and stuff like that [me] make them angry “, Christophe Dechavanne anticipated, insisting that on the air he will be” a man of [son] age. “She is 64 years old.

The possibility of living

“I would like to make people talk to find out why, how, what goes through their minds to say or do things in public that are incomprehensible to me, specifies the former conductor of Hi it’s us! I want to understand the world we live in. “

Other columnists and reporters should complete the tape. No names have been announced yet. A first pilot, ie a test broadcast, shot in ten days, will undoubtedly allow us to see things more clearly.

Each issue will be recorded on the Friday prior to airing. But, in the event of a major event, the production does not exclude the use of live events. And in those cases, What an era! no doubt it will carry its title particularly well.

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