France – Outlaw Paul Pogba, the verdict clears him completely

France – Outlaw Paul Pogba, the verdict clears him completely

France – Outlaw Paul Pogba, the verdict clears him completely

The Paul Pogba case is under investigation, in a file that has many drawers. The call for a marabout, if made, raises many questions but does not directly endanger Paul Pogba.

The Pogba affair continues to stir French football, while Mathias Pogba has not enacted his threat to reveal actions that would change the image the French have of his glorious little brother Paul Pogba. However, thanks to the ongoing investigations and the denunciation by the Juventus player, several revelations have been made on the conflicting relations between the two brothers, in a context of racketeering and threats with weapons. But Mathias Pogba also warned from the start that in this case he would wet Kylian Mbappé.

At least indirectly, since the PSG forward, Paul Pogba’s teammate in France, would have been the target of a Paul Pogba-sponsored marabout to harm his career. For what reasons, for the moment it remains completely unclear, especially as the midfielder revealed in Le Havre completely denies this practice against a French football star. Although Mathias Pogba claims to have indisputable video evidence.

The law does not recognize maraboutage

If so, if a player of the French national team had tried to ask for witchcraft to harm a teammate, the clash would inevitably be enormous and their coexistence with the Blues would become impossible. A first sanction would undeniably fall. But would Paul Pogba also risk a lawsuit against him or a case being brought forward by the courts?

Pogba is not afraid of anything, the marabout if

Well not according to the penal code, which does not provide for punishing the solicitation of a marabout, even to harm others. BFM investigated the matter and a lawyer clarified that “ casting a spell on someone is not punishable by law. Anything that is not prohibited by law cannot be prevented. The marabout instead, not by spell, but can be prosecuted for illegal medical practice or misleading advertising, even fraud or abuse of weakness “, Said the master Malcolm Mouldaïa, for whom the state and justice do not recognize the power to cast a spell, and therefore put it at the level of personal convictions without real consequences on the lives of citizens. Paul Pogba therefore did not outlaw himself by contacting a marabout. While he doesn’t deny that he tried to use this process to stay away from injury, he firmly denies that he used witchcraft or voodoo to harm Kylian Mbappé.

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