Futura launches its new website and reaffirms its values

Futura launches its new website and reaffirms its values

Futura launches its new website and reaffirms its values

Futura is making its big comeback and hitting hard with a brand new site and new identity to discover without further ado. More than ever, we reaffirm our mission and our cardinal values ​​since our inception 20 years ago.

For twenty years Futura has been constantly concerned with making science and knowledge accessible to all, making them popular and accompanying our readers on a journey of discovery. At the beginning of the 2022 school year, at the dawn of a new era for your media, we reaffirm today this commitment, by your side, around these four key values:

  • curiosity,
  • the responsability,
  • inclusiveness,
  • inspiration.

In this perspective we have changed our slogan to accompany the great changes of the future, because together with us we inspire the future:

Discover the entire Futura identity here!

What time ?

Futura teams have been mobilizing and working on the redesign of our website and our visual identity for more than a year. For this, we have carefully collected your opinions in dedicated questionnaires, examined your feedback online and after hours of processing, creative workshops and an untold number of coffees, we offer you a new visual identity that meets the standards of the web and media today. : both speed and sobriety.

We wanted:

  1. facilitate readingoptimizing the comfort and readability of our articles and integrating dark mode into the site;
  2. facilitate navigationrethinking the organization of the sections, the structure of the site and the navigation paths;
  3. modernize the design on article formats and in our newsletters, through a redesigned typography;
  4. improve ad integration for better readability of articles and videos.

What is changing?

For now, this is just the beginning of the adventure. We have reviewed the technical and visual fundamentals of our site and it doesn’t stop there!

Several new features will soon be launched to expand our service offering and take a further step towards personalizing your browsing experience:

  • the customer account will allow you to manage all the information concerning you and to access it exclusive content ;
  • with the library you will soon have access to a new space that will allow you to do so save your articles so you can get organized and access it at any time!
  • in the center of preferences, you decide the opportune times you want to receive our communications.

We could not wait to share with you the progress of this project to welcome your first impressions, because we want to build together the future of tomorrow and for this we will give you the floor: for any suggestion, request for improvement, or to report for us a bug on our new site, feel free to use the bug report form right to let us know. We are listening to you!

Happy reading everyone on the new Futura.

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