Future Dacia Primavera (2024).  Important restyling in sight for the electric city car

Future Dacia Primavera (2024). Important restyling in sight for the electric city car

Future Dacia Primavera (2024).  Important restyling in sight for the electric city car

Although the arrival of a Primavera 2 has been announced for 2024, it is rather a major restyling that is being prepared for Dacia’s electric city car. Still made in China, it will gain a much more modern dashboard and a new face, not to mention some technical developments.


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Rather used to fairly discreet makeovers, Dacia should nevertheless offer a major makeover to its electric city car, the Spring, in 2024.

Oufti design

A replacement for the Primavera from 2024? Here is the surprise announcement made at the beginning of the year by Luca de Meo, the boss of the Renault group. However, the first electric Dacia is not very old, as it has only been on French roads since the spring of 2021. But this model began its career in China under the name of Renault K-ZE. Today, Wide I can tell you more. According to our information, we really shouldn’t expect a true new generation of Spring but a great evolution. However, this restyling will be on an unprecedented scale in Dacia, rather used to retouching sparingly.

A completely redesigned face

Grille, headlights, shields… the entire front will therefore be subject to significant changes. For our illustrations we have decided to take strong inspiration from the future Dusters and Bigsters, which will arrive almost at the same time. This choice seemed logical to us for reasons of aesthetic coherence. After all, with its mini-SUV look, the current Spring already looks like a scaled-down Sandero 3 Stepway. But the Dacia design has seen three boss changes in a short time, and it is not yet certain that this direction will ultimately be followed by the current owner, David Durand. The only certainty however: while the profile should hardly evolve to contain costs, there will be developments on the side of the rear lights.

Too modern dashboard?

The most spectacular news, however, is in the cockpit that you will have to look for. If you are an avid reader of largus.fr, you may already know them! The Spring restyling should in fact resume, with few details, the dashboard of one of its many Chinese cousins, the Dongfeng EX1 Nano Box. This also poses some problems for the Romanian brand. With its large central touch screen, digital instrumentation and floating center console, the smaller Dacia suddenly risks appearing much more modern than the rest of the range, moving away from the producer’s advertising speeches that advocate a return to origins. But it is impossible to do otherwise. As part of a joint venture that also involves Nissan, it is the Chinese Dongfeng who remains the first contractor for this project. Spring 2024, which will always be produced in the Middle Kingdom, will therefore have to deal with the decisions of this essential partner.

More powerful engine and greater autonomy

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Future Dacia Primavera (2024).  Important restyling in sight for the electric city car

In the course of 2023, the Dacia city car will acquire a 60hp electric motor that will support the current 44hp block.

Clement Choulot

This cure for modernity would not be complete without some technical developments. For the latter, however, it will not be necessary to wait for the restyling. From 2023 the range will welcome a new 60 HP electric motor to complement the current 44 hp block, which will remain in the catalog. For a supplement that we still consider reasonable, it will thus be possible to benefit from benefits in clear progress, to leave the city more peacefully. However, we hope that Dacia will take the opportunity to equip its Primavera with better quality tires than today. As for the battery, it will receive a small improvement to gain about 2 kWh, with a useful capacity now close to 30 kWh. The objectives of the Dacia are to show a range of 200 km and that the 44 hp version remains below the threshold of 20,000 euros.


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