Geminids: A beautiful shower of shooting stars to observe in December

Geminids: A beautiful shower of shooting stars to observe in December

Geminids: A beautiful shower of shooting stars to observe in December

By Graziella L., Cécile D. Posted on 11 September 2022 at 10:51

A shower of shooting stars will be visible before Christmas, in the French sky, on the nights of 7 to 17 December 2022, peaking on 13 and 14. Get ready to admire the beauty of this starry sky!

Less known than the Lyrids, which pass through our sky in April, or the Perseids, observed in August, the Geminids offer us a shower of shooting stars, just as beautiful to see. This majestic celestial phenomenon should be visible in the French sky from From 7 to 17 December 2022with the peak of activity expected on 13 and 14 Decemberto end the year well!

This is one of the most beautiful showers of shooting stars of the year: the Geminids will once again cross the French sky this first half of December. known to be particularly bright, these stars should impress anyone lucky enough to see them. Usually, it can be observed between 60 and 75 meteors per hour in the sky. At the height of its activity, this special rain can send 120 to 160 meteors in the same hour! To be sure not to lose them, it is advisable to observe the sky towards the constellation of Geminiabove the eastern horizon.

Unlike other meteor showers, the Geminids did not originate from a comet. They are created by an asteroid or an extinct comet, the object 3200 Phaeton. This object, named in honor of the son of Helios, god of the Sun, passes very close to our star: its trajectory it is very different from other celestial objects, contributing a little more to the particular character of these Geminids. Phaethon is not made of ice but of rocks. It is also surrounded by a dust cloud particulate matter: it is this dust that ignites and shines when it passes through our atmosphere, creating this well-known phenomenon that still fascinates us.

Get ready and stay awake, even if you get warned right away: with the light pollution city, at night it would be quite desirable to be in the country side or up to see the shooting stars. But we can always hope that conditions are good and that big clouds are not in their way! Come on, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the night will be dark and the sky will be clear during the beautiful winter nights!

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