Goodbye Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford cries on stage and reunites with Demi-Lune 38 years later – Actus Ciné

Goodbye Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford cries on stage and reunites with Demi-Lune 38 years later – Actus Ciné

Goodbye Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford cries on stage and reunites with Demi-Lune 38 years later – Actus Ciné

During D23, an event organized by Disney, Harrison Ford was invited to take the stage to present the first images of Indiana Jones 5. He took the opportunity to bid his official farewell to his favorite character.

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Harrison Ford, 80, still fit! The comedian took the stage at D23 this weekend to present the first images of Indiana Jones 5 to the public.

Accompanied by her partner in the film, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the star of the famous adventurer set fire to a trailer that drove viewers crazy with excitement!

Unfortunately, these images have not been posted online at this time. According to Firstyou can see Indy there “in a deserted city (where he seems to remember his past) and New York (for a parade and a horse chase on the subway).”

We can also see Mads Mikkelsen in a Nazi uniform, an action scene on a train and “a very funny sequence in which Indy smacks the whip on a dozen gunmen (a kind of mirror of the cult scene from the first film).”

These images also tell us more about the role of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She will play Helena, Indiana Jones’ goddaughter. Additionally, we can see Harrison Ford digitally rejuvenated. All of this bodes well for this 5th episode, which was directed by James Mangold.

Also present on stage at the Anaheim Convention Center, the director confirmed that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were involved in the creative process.

Harrison Ford was also very moved when he talked about this emblematic character that he will have played 5 times. “This new opera is going to be fantastic. We have a real human adventure to tell, and it’s a movie that will break your ass.”I sing.

He later confirmed that this film will mark his last appearance as Dr. Jones: “This is!”he has declared. “Indiana Jones is mystery and adventure, but it’s also a lot of heart”she added, with tears in her eyes, before stopping to recover and not bursting into tears.

After the presentation, Harrison Ford reunited backstage with an old acquaintance: Ke Huy Quan. The latter was his playmate in Le Temple maudit, published in 1984. He played the joking Half-Moon.

38 years later, the two artists have fallen into each other’s arms. A beautiful image that enchanted fans of the famous archaeologist. Some have even claimed that Half-Moon would return in Indiana Jones 5, but that seems very unlikely to us.

The 5th episode of Indy will be released in theaters on June 28, 2023.

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