Guyana unites again against crime

Guyana unites again against crime

Guyana unites again against crime

Several parts of Guyanese society gathered in a march against insecurity in Cayenne on Friday 2 September. It was solidarity, fear and a vibrant appeal to the state to provide the means necessary to combat attacks on property and people, a statistic in which Guyana has been at the top of French territories every year since at least 2016.

In the sweltering heat just before 4:30 pm, insecurity walkers meet each in their group around the Mandela Boulevard in Cayenne, under the aegis of the immense white column of the firehouse. Trop’Violans comes first.

Yvane Goua and Olivier Goudet repeat the instructions. An order service is activated. On the other hand, all dressed in black, in dignified silence, the family and friends of Dong Ping Pan take control of the road. Three banners express the exasperation of this community of traders and restaurateurs:
We will never be silent again“,”Tired of free bullets“,”Together against insecurity“.
In a third corner, citizens and onlookers await the starting signal that must lead the demonstrators to the prefecture.
The representative of the state published around 4 pm, some will opportunely say, coincidence others will say, the newcomer of a squadron of mobile gendarmerie is a hundred people dedicated to “street crime”, Indicates Place Héder.
We are fed up with such announcements, we want to know what to do. It is not a question of personnel, but of mission priorities. There we say they want to fight the proliferation of firearms and put surveillance on the main streets. Do you think the bandits are retarded, idiots? And the proof, look at the number of weapons seized … A”Warmly reacts Yvane Goua who finished second in the ballot of the last legislative elections.

“It is important to have a strong and united voice in front of state services”

Boris Chong-Sit, he is also present, a former legislative candidate and territorial councilor of the opposition. “It is important to have a strong and united voice vis-à-vis state services, given our needs in terms of strengthening security resources. In itself, the strengthening of law enforcement is good news, but it is the mobile gendarmes who by definition will not provide lasting solutions against insecurity and in particular the scourge of the circulation of weapons in this territory very similar to South American crime and delinquency. . We must make a complete diagnosis that leads to solutions that allow us to have a normal quality of life in this French and European territory.”, Analyzes the lawyer by profession.

The events are centralized in Cayenne but the Trop’Violans association does not forget the other municipalities. The demonstrations were also supposed to take place in Saint-Laurent and Kourou. The free services close their doors from 5pm until tomorrow. – G. Guitteau

The traders came in solidarity and to say how scared they are. This is the case with Michael Chayarepresentative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “The entire population of Guyana is worried. We are all afraid, in all our areas we have security guards who cost a lot but who reassure us because maybe they can prevent violent crimes. The Chinese trader would not have had time to press any panic button but all solutions and precautions must be taken even if this gratuitous and barbaric violence cannot always be answered.. “

Appeal for a congress of elected officials

Rodolfo Alessandroformer president of the Territorial Collective and leader of the opposition calls the meeting of the congress of the elect before the meeting of the politicians of Guyana with Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée, during a dinner on Wednesday 7 September.
Only it can allow us to project ourselves towards a real concerted action, in partnership and in addition to the action of the State, which we must also obtain that finally puts material and human resources in line with the threat we face today.“, He wrote in an open letter.

“Today’s feeling is fear”

In the streets of Cayenne, far from the gold of the Republic, Cho Shu Ho, President of the Fa Kiao AssociationHistory repeats itself. All Guyana think like me. The situation is serious. The entire Guyanese community is affected. The feeling today is fear. Thieves are getting younger and panic quickly. We give as instructions to give money from the cash register, not to scream or panic. It is our daily life “, He assures.

Nearby, Yazid, son of the former President of the General Council, Joseph Ho-Ten-You came as a father of a family and a citizen. It constitutes a sort of relay race between the Chinese community present and the other groups that flocked to the fashion shows: “We are all hand in hand. Self-service is a place of social cohesion. We meet at the Chinese. These people who earn five cents per item must stop risking their lives.

“Laxity is responsible for all this insecurity”

During this period the numerous investigations continue, autopsies multiply and families wait.
Laxity is responsible for all this insecurity. For mules, it’s an open bar. Do you understand why the scanner only works when they want because European regulations prevent you from seeing inside the body? The prefect tells us that the number of police forces per inhabitant is highest in Guyana. It is hypocrisy.
There are 1380 soldiers, 750 policemen and 450 gendarmes. It is the latter data that interests us, moreover this statistic is reduced to the population assessed by INSEE. An assessment that everyone knows is wrong. We have to stop with this
”, Yvane Goua underlines as the march, of several hundred people, some say 2,000, starts in an air of deja vu, for the murder of Maurice Chen-Ten-You … on July 16, 2016.

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