He charges 125 euros an hour to do housework without clothes!

He charges 125 euros an hour to do housework without clothes!

He charges 125 euros an hour to do housework without clothes!

Cleaning is a necessary job to live in good conditions. It is also a respectable and very useful profession. Unfortunately, a cleaning lady doesn’t necessarily earn a living. Claire O’Connor found a solution to raise her rates. In fact, she went to $ 125 an hour ! How is it possible ? We explain to you!

This housekeeper increases her hourly rate by working “naked”!

The housekeeper has decided to start a Unusual cleaning service without clothes. No offense to her husband and three children!

Claire O’Connor offers a unique cleaning service without clothes!

On the other hand, the cleaning lady has cleared things up with her clients so that there are no slips. In fact, you clarified: no contact, no blows and no extras. For total cleaning, that’s $ 125 an hour. For a sexy lingerie or French maid outfit, that’s $ 97.

Basically, this housekeeper worked in a hotel before create your business Clean fantasy. Its ambitions don’t stop there. In fact, he would like to expand his business by recruiting people and leave his door open to men. Notice for lovers of the unemployed who are in Kent, UK. She explains “First visits can be awkward, but they will fade away as I get to know a customer. “

The housekeeper is not unanimous

At first, her husband, Rob, didn’t like the idea and even thought it was a joke. Today you accepted, but that is not the case with Internet users. Indeed, these are disgusted by this practice. “He’ll give the old people something to get their teeth into, I suppose. It also raised an hourly rate from what would normally be the minimum wage to more than a doctor earns. Good luck to you, I say. “, swings a resident of the city.

Another says: “It is beyond comprehension. A lap dance with a Dyson? How low will some people go down to make money. It is a form of prostitution. Is there nothing sacred or decent in this world anymore? “. One last thought “That the law should step in and outlaw this disgusting idea. ” Either way, the cleaning lady is determined since she did it he quit his job at the hotel.

As much in demand as it is criticized!

In fact, the housekeeper has a lot of stresses and also a lot of criticism. You can’t please everyone! One thing is certain, our home is a reflection of our inner being. So you have to take care of it. Indeed, cleaning the house is an act of love. So, naked or not, the result is the same!

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