Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins … our impressions of season 2!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins … our impressions of season 2!

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins … our impressions of season 2!

Game news Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins … our impressions of season 2!

Announced last week, Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds Season 2 game mode was released yesterday. It is synonymous with resetting the rating of the players as well as the arrival of the runic pieces and that of the quests. We give you our first impressions.


  • Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Before You Begin …
  • Quest, new mechanics source of infinite possibilities
  • Hearthstone: Runic Coins “Shouldn’t Change Anything” … or almost

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Before You Begin …

Although the spotlight has been on the standard Hearthstone mode (which will be changed soon, no later than next week) since the release of the expansion Murder at Nathria Castlethis is the other game mode Battlefield (also called Battlefields) which received an important update yesterday. It’s 24.2: It offers a whole new way to play missions, as well as an exclusive path of missions and rewards. Also note: the arrival of the runestones, new currency prize (which can only be achieved by paying with real money) which should not disrupt the daily life of the players.

However, before we get into the details of what this patch brings, it’s good to dive back into the basic concept of the mode again. Battlefield. If played with the same heroes and creatures as the basic card game that is Hearthstone, it doesn’t work the same way. It is called a automatic fighteras the Team combat tactics from Riot: A game in which the player’s minions fight automatically. Players compete in 8-player lobbies: they must first go through a purchase phase in which they purchase creatures, then a combat phase in which they face another player. Then rebel. The last one to survive wins the most points for his rank, but the game judges the winner when they are among the last four to survive.

To win, players must rely on the synergy of minions with each other – some are from the same tribe. For example, the Naga will be based on the use of special spells, demons on their ability to swallow others’ stats while the Murloc exchange stat points.

Quest, new mechanics source of infinite possibilities

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins ... our impressions of season 2!

You will have to choose wisely.

A simple but not simplistic way to play that becomes slightly more complex with the arrival of the quests. Like Hearthstone’s standard building mode, missions grant a reward in the form of some kind of power. The latter lasts the whole game and whose power varies according to the conditions: the more difficult they are to satisfy, the greater it will be.. From the choice of the quest (during the third round of the game) an important consideration arises for the player: do I have time to build long or does the start of the game force me to choose short?

Given this very strong ability granted, it is interesting to note that this will bring a real breath of freshness to Battlegrounds last seen in late January with the companions! This type of update allows you to vary the styles of play with the existing tribes. In fact, it is good to remember that the best compositions are known according to the group of servants. Battlefields consists of successfully optimizing towers even without having the desired creatures. Therefore, the paths followed (called curves) are known according to the hero and the tribes present in the hall.

In summary, the 13 missions (and 24 different rewards!) Transform all of those curves as they multiply the possibilities of play. More than appreciable observation: each Game over too soon you feel like starting the game again, applying certain combinations that you would have thought of in the previous game. It seems the synergies are endless! On the other hand, after a few hours of play, one thing is clear: While it’s too hard to judge the quality of the meta today, some mission rewards seem much more impactful than others. OR at leastmuch less demanding in terms of knowledge of the game. To illustrate the point, we’ll think about what allows us to turn two of our creatures into gold in combat, which is chosen during the home gameplay below. However, we are confident that “certain missions and rewards are blocked for certain rooms and heroes or heroines to avoid unexpected synergies).

Update 24.2 also includes a fair amount of tweaks and adjustments. To begin, two new heroes join the game’s already substantial cast and its 84 champions: Sir Denathrius, star of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and the Hearthstone expansion. Murder at Nathria Castleas well as investigator Murloc Holmes.

Sir Denathrius then Murloc Holmes.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins ... our impressions of season 2!Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins ... our impressions of season 2!

Next to them, we see seven heroes who have undergone changes as eleven new creatures join the cast. The list can be found on the official website of Blizzard.

Hearthstone: Runic Coins “Shouldn’t Change Anything” … or almost

Then the big debate was about the arrival of the runestones. It is a premium currency that allows the purchase of various Hearthstone products. It can only be obtained with real money: there is no other way to recover it in game The origin of the debate lies in the impossibility of recovering the Advantages of the battlefields with gold coins as it was before this update. However, these perks allow you to have a choice of four heroes instead of two, making you less likely to run into less powerful heroes than others. Michael “nonconformist“Looze, streamer and Battlegrounds player for Solary’s French team sums up what this can mean in his opinion:

Other than that, runestones shouldn’t change anything for those who are used to buying products from the Hearthstone store. it’s Nicola “Deck TechWeiss explaining it last week on the Twitter social network.

Runestones primarily replace real money call options. With the exception of the Battlegrounds perks, gold coins can continue to be used for the same things as before.

He adds that this allows Blizzard to offer low-priced content for purchase, such as Battlegrounds mode emotes. Also, he explains that the runestones packs were made in such a way as to do this minimize waste of this coin.

Finally, this 24.2 update also leads to Battlefield Its Rewards Path: Enough to keep players investing time in this game mode. As the games progress, players gain experience (but you must do at least the first 4) which allows them to unlock the stages of the path. At every level, a cosmetic is offered: emote, hero portrait or attack animation, nothing changes the gameplay of the players. However, you will need to go to the cash register to unlock all the gifts to be collected via the Advantages of the battlefields.

Examples of quests to do to gain experience, as well as the path to rewards

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins ... our impressions of season 2!Hearthstone Battlegrounds: missions, runic coins ... our impressions of season 2!

In any case, this update aimed especially at Battlegrounds / Champs de Bataille players should delight them. They are given a way to reward their playtime in the mode with exclusive cosmetics, giving them a new game mechanic with missions that offer new gameplay possibilities, arrival of the reporting functionality and some changes for other game modes such as Duel and Mercenaries. With this new update, Blizzard proves once again that it can effectively renew the content it offers.

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