his son Charles becomes king and takes the name of Charles III

his son Charles becomes king and takes the name of Charles III

his son Charles becomes king and takes the name of Charles III

Prince Charles, on May 10, 2022, during the speech from the throne in Parliament he delivered in place of Queen Elizabeth.

He will no longer be called Prince Charles. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II succeeds her mother, who died on Thursday 8 September at the age of 96, and takes the name of Charles III.

“The disappearance of my beloved mother, Her Majesty the Queen, is a very sad moment for me and for all the members of my family”said the new king, 73, in his first declaration of sovereign.

“We deeply mourn the disappearance of a beloved ruler and a beloved mother. I know that the loss of him will be deeply felt across the country, in the kingdoms and in the Commonwealth and by countless people around the world. “

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The accession to the throne of Charles III was immediate upon the death of the queen, by virtue of an ancient Latin maxim “Rex nunquam moritur” (the king never dies).

A supporting role of the queen

Her coronation is expected to take place within a few weeks at the latest, once the trauma of Elizabeth II’s death has passed. She herself had been crowned in June 1953, sixteen months after she was proclaimed queen.

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His second wife Camilla will become queen consort, a wish expressed by the queen last February. The argument is delicate among the British: after the new marriage with Prince Charles in 2005, Camilla had chosen not to take the title of Princess of Wales, too associated with Princess Diana, who died in 1997 and from whom Charles had divorced in 1996. .

Born on November 14, 1948, Charles became the heir to the crown as the firstborn at 3 years and 3 months, in February 1952, when Princess Elizabeth, 25, became queen on the death of her father. , George VI.

Since his first official engagements in the 1970s, the role of the Prince of Wales has been that “To support Her Majesty the Queen, as a focal point of national pride”.

He then welcomed dignitaries to the UK on his behalf, attended state dinners, traveled to a hundred countries, presented thousands of decorations, attended inaugurations, honored heroes, wrote or recorded countless messages of encouragement or congratulations.

He increasingly replaced his mother in declining health. In May Charles had delivered the speech from the throne in Parliament for the first time in his place, one of the most important constitutional functions of the sovereign.

Very long wait

A man of passions, Charles spent the very long wait before ascending the throne to the maximum: seventy years, a record in the history of the British monarchy. An early advocate of the environment, he is also an alternative medicine lover, passionate about sustainable urban planning, and an inspired gardener who talks to his trees about him. Since 2007 he has published his “ecological footprint” (total 3,133 tons of CO2 in 2020 compared to 5,070 in 2019).

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He is president or benefactor of more than 420 charities, the main of which, the Prince’s Trust, has helped more than a million young people in need since its creation in 1976.

But he is far less popular than his mother, who has been wholly devoted to her role and absolute neutrality for seventy years. The shipwreck of his marriage to Princess Diana and his new marriage to Camilla also caused him considerable damage in the 1990s.

Since the death of his father, Prince Philip, in the spring of 2021, and while the queen was less present, Charles has tightened the royal circle around him, Camilla, his eldest son William, his younger brother Edward.

The world

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