his son Paul at his worst since his death, breaks the silence

his son Paul at his worst since his death, breaks the silence

his son Paul at his worst since his death, breaks the silence

Until the end, Jean-Paul Belmondo wanted to savor his life. However, he had already thought about the consequences. Even though he never talked to his relatives about it, he wanted something for his funeral. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you everything. You are ready ?

Paul Belmondo speaks for the first time of his father’s death

On September 6, 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo died at the age of 88. He left France with exceptional cinema performances, forever etched in our memories. But he also left three children: Paul, Stella, Florence. Precisely, a year after the actor’s death, the young man decided to break the silence. Usually very discreet on the subject in the media, he agreed to confide in RTL’s microphone to pay homage to him.

The least we can say is that Paul has a hard time suffering. For a year he hasn’t stopped thinking about his father, Jean-Paul Belmondo: “There is sadness, lack. Do we protect ourselves from this? No… Of course the weather is her, one learns to live ”. To remember, the young man digs into personal archives. Especially looking at family photos. Also, he has shared many of them on his he Instagram account.

Jean-Paul Belmondo was preparing for his death

During his interview with RTL, Paul Belmondo made a surprising revelation about his father. In fact, Jean-Paul Belmondo had been preparing for his death for some time: “I don’t think he feared death, he believed in the afterlife, in the afterlife. He was a believer without really being one. He had decided that this was the end. He wanted to leave quietly. He burned life“. Specifically, he wanted a specific thing for his funeral. This is what we will see immediately.

As we told you earlier, Jean-Paul Belmondo wanted something for his funeral. And it is his son who says more: “Laughing, we said to ourselves, we will not play the music of the Professionalit will really be too much. And then comes the notary, who said he wanted us to play the music for The Professional … He hadn’t planned much, but yes“.

Alessandro Belmondo became a father

On 10 April 2022, the day after his illustrious grandfather’s birthday, Alessandro Belmondo became a father for the first time. Vahe for a while. Furthermore, he explained the choice of this name: For the small information of the name: Vahé was an Armenian king of antiquity. He was an ally of Darius III king of Persia. King Vahé in particular rebelled against Alexander the Great. He was famous for his courage and his sense of honor… ”. This is what they say.

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