Hundreds of people marched in Cayenne to fight insecurity and crime

Hundreds of people marched in Cayenne to fight insecurity and crime

Hundreds of people marched in Cayenne to fight insecurity and crime

Many of them shouted that they were fed up on September 2, 2022. On the streets of Cayenne, hundreds of people took part in the march against insecurity organized by Trop Violans. This event follows the recent acts of violence that led to the deaths of several Guyanesi. At the end of this mobilization, a delegation of elected officials was received by the Prefect of Guyana.

Ki sa nou le? Safety!“Here is the slogan of this afternoon of mobilization. Elected officials, activists, bereaved families and citizens were numerous this Friday 2 September in the streets of Cayenne. Several hundred people marched from the firehouse to Cayenne Prefecture to denounce the insecurity and crime affecting the department.. The participants started the march, started by the Trop Violans association, at 17:00.

March against insecurity in Cayenne – September 2, 2022. The family and relatives of Dong Ping Pan, manager of an Eight to Eight killed in August 2022, at the head of the march.

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When we are dead, we are impressed. Tomorrow it could be our son in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think it is important to show that we want more security on the ground. It is a sovereign skill. So obviously there are steps to be taken […] but I think it is up to us to challenge ourselves to have as many results as possible for Guyana.

Sophie CHARLES, mayor of Saint-Laurent du Maroni

An hour later the relatives of the killed victims, elected officials and activists spoke. In front of the Prefecture they asked the competent authorities to react to this increase in violence. After observing a minute of silence in honor of those who recently died under the blows of violence this year, the elected participants were received by Prefect Thierry Queffélec.

Among the mayors present: Sofia Carlo (Saint Laurent du Maroni), Sandra Trochimara (Cayenne pepper), Serge Smock (Matoury and president of the CACL), Michelangelo Geremia (Sinnamary and president of the association of mayors) or even Patrick Lecant (Montsinnéry-Tonnegrande) and some of their deputies and city councilors.

Gabriele Serville (President of the Territorial Collective of Guyana) and Davy Remains (deputy of the 2nd district) they were also part of this delegation. At 7:30 pm the meeting ends. “We are always listened to. What matters is how, afterwards, we will organize ourselves to follow up on what has been said today“, says the president of the CTG. And to continue:

Today I believe it is urgent that the Minister of the Interior – who is also the Minister of the Overseas – goes to Guyana given all these inconveniences that we see in the area. We can’t go on like this. I will talk about it with the President of the Republic when I meet him on 7 September “.

Gabriel SERVILLE, president of the CTG

On his side, Thierry Queffelec, guest of Evening in Guyana this Friday 2 September intends to ask the government for a strengthening of the mobile gendarmesto show that fear is not automatically with every inhabitant, fear must be with those who try to create it“.

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