“I can still level up” … How Gobert boosted his offensive game

“I can still level up” … How Gobert boosted his offensive game

“I can still level up” … How Gobert boosted his offensive game

Hands off “Gobzilla”! After the mammoth match of our savior Rudy Gobert in the round of 16 against Turkey on Saturday, Timothée Luwawu-Cabarrot pulled out his claws to defend the pivot of France, which he considered too criticized by the plebs since the beginning of the Euro. “There is a lot of pressure on him. Seeing him play such a match makes us proud. Everyone talks, they talk bullshit, but he remembered it was Rudy Gobert and because that’s what he is, “said the tricolor forward.

That day, in fact, the new colossus of the Wolves released a perf ‘rodent. His best result since he wore the blue jersey with 20 points, 17 rebounds (including seven offensive), two assists and seven fouls caused. However, if the criticisms have been there since the beginning of the competition – as during this missed post on the rather derided German Schröder on the rézosocio – the latest to date have come from the main interested. himself. “It may sound strange to you, but I’m not very happy with my game, he had a hot interrogation on Saturday. I put in twenty points but I could have put in thirty and I missed too many shots (6 out of 11). I can do much better ”.

“He’s getting stronger from game to game,” applauds Vincent Collet

When these observations are brought to him, he reassures George Eddy, who will comment on the quarter-finals against Italy on Wednesday on Canal + (17:15). Without his last second tap, there is no overtime and without his subsequent dunks, there is no victory. “Opinion shared by Vincent Collet, who recalled that if his control tower“ could do the easy things wrong in attack ”,“ it is gaining momentum from game to game. “

This is the whole paradox when we analyze Rudy Gobert’s performances. Sometimes we tend to forget the formidable player who is to concentrate on his faults (in attack, on the low post, on mid-range shots and on the game with his back to the basket), and which still prevent him from being. a complete player. Against Turkey, the former Utah man still has his hands slipping when he receives the last few passes and ends up under the basket.

“He doesn’t have super good attacking hands, the ball escapes him too often,” admits Mister George. It is also this reputation that has earned him the nasty offensive snubbing of his Jazz teammates in recent years, Donovan Mitchell in the lead, who will always prefer to snatch an action rather than find Rudy under the circle. Even if it sometimes means bordering on the ridiculous, like here, during a game against the Warrios.

Aware of its shortcomings, the Saint-Quentin native enlisted the services of a full-time neuro-training coach to progress in these areas. Which should not displease Collet, whose unacknowledged “fantasy”, according to former Canal + coach and consultant Christophe Denis, is “having a Rudy Gobert who manages to do Durkic with Bosnia, which is a phenomenal guy. in point of fixation and in his ability to dominate the low post in attack. ”A sort of French Joël Embiid in short, waiting for the real one.

Gobert in search of his lost faith in Jazz

“It’s a different method but it’s interesting, and obviously it brought him things he didn’t have, as we saw during the Tokyo Olympics,” judged the coach at the beginning of the year in this regard. The group, who was able to attend several sessions of his player with his personal coach. “We are approaching this new role, analyzes Christophe Denis. He has made tremendous progress in recent years in his ability to take a great low post position, get the ball in the key and carry direct danger. Now, I think we are not at the full potential of Rudy at this level ”. A finding that validated the person concerned when we met him in Bercy before the start of the Euro.

“I have done all the work necessary for years to develop myself from an offensive point of view and better master my subject. In the NBA I was still shooting at 16 points per game but it is clear that compared to my potential and the work I do, I feel I can still increase in power. Here’s the cool thing: I’m starting my 10th NBA season and I think my best years are ahead of me. “

If these new friends from Minnesota agree to give him a little more confidence than among Mormons, as happens today at Blue, we risk not being disappointed. This was also one of Vincent Collet’s instructions before this Euro, as Guerschon Yabusele explained to us before flying to Germany: “Today he is one of our main pieces, not only in the defensive and offensive phase. For this we try to give him more trust possible, we tell him to play, to free himself, to push in attack because in these phases of the game we need him.

Find the right balance to avoid waste

And of course it pays. “I feel more and more at ease, I am lucky to have a technical staff who have faith in me and which pushes me to be even more dominant in this aspect of the game, he confided to us at the end of August. And it’s great for me to be able to make mistakes to improve and feel that the team needs me to be really aggressive to win. All this is to find the right balance between taking risks and the moments in which it is necessary to secure the shot because, as shown by his statistical evolution in Blu in recent years, the “Gob” loses more and more balls per game.

The statistics show it, if Gobert has progressed in attack, he does so also at the expense of greater technical waste.
The statistics show it, if Gobert has progressed in attack, he does so also at the expense of greater technical waste. -Sofa

Like the rest of the team, you will tell us. Against Turkey, the French munched TWENTY balls that could have cost them qualification. And George Eddy to conclude: “Rudy sometimes wants to do more, to get out of his comfort zone, but it is often there that he starts making mistakes easy and losing balls. He starts with good intentions, but when you are in important games and every possession is worth gold, it is better to bet on your strength. “And keep hitting the dunk against the Turks in 8th.

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