“I hope this is a turning point and is just the beginning!  “, Wishes Sydney Sweeney, doubly called” Euphoria “and” The White Lotus “

“I hope this is a turning point and is just the beginning! “, Wishes Sydney Sweeney, doubly called” Euphoria “and” The White Lotus “

“I hope this is a turning point and is just the beginning!  “, Wishes Sydney Sweeney, doubly called” Euphoria “and” The White Lotus “

He planned his career plan at the age of ten! When she grows up she will become an actress. Almost fifteen years later, she Sydney Sweeney is the rising star of Hollywood to follow: after receiving the Madame Figaro Rising Star Award at the latest edition of CanneSeries, where 20 minutes met, the young American is named for her impressive performances in The white lotus and season 2 of Euphoria at the Emmy Awards. “And this is just the beginning,” hopes the one who will celebrate her 25th birthday at the ceremony this Monday night in Los Angeles.

Do you feel you are at a turning point in your career?

I hope ! I hope this is a turning point and is just the beginning!

‘Heroes’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘Sharp Objects’, ‘The White Lotus’ and ‘Euphoria’, you seem to have a knack for finding the right series. What drives your choices?

What drives me is the mix between an inspiring character, interesting and talented directors, and the artistic personalities who are also involved in the projects.

What prompted you to launch your own production company, called “Fifty-Fifty Films”?

I’ve always loved building my characters, so I thought it would be great to be able to build a whole world. I love reading books and have seen them come to life. I wanted to give a voice to these writers and these characters and create projects that I would dream of producing, that I would like to participate in or see on television as a viewer. And this prompted me to embark on the adventure. I am a very independent person, so I like things to happen.

What does equality in the film industry refer to with your company name “Fifty-Fifty Films”?

I wanted this name to represent how I collaborate on projects. That conveys the fact that I think it takes more than one brain to make anything happen, that it’s teamwork, everything you do, and I just wanted to represent that by choosing my company name.

What prompted you to produce “The Players Table”?

When I read this book The players’ table, I’ve seen all these characters live in my mind. The topics covered and social issues were also relevant and I thought it would be important to talk about them on television. I had just finished Euphoria and I was close to Jean-Marc Vallée, I loved what he had done with Big Little Lies. I thought this project could be a nice mix of these two series. I got the rights to the book, called it, and we put together a case. We sold the project to HBO Max. We also found an amazing director, Annabelle Atanasio, who is developing the series.

Can you introduce us the character you will play in “The Players Table”?

I don’t want to say too much because we’re changing things up a bit and delving deeper into the psyche of the characters. Sometimes what you say is twisted … but let’s just say her mind is playing tricks on her and she sees things differently than other people see them.

In this series, will you form a duo with Halsey again?

Can you imagine we recently finished filming the western National anthem. It’s great to be able to work with a friend!

You seem to write the backstories of the characters. What did you imagine for Cassie from “Euphoria” or Olivia from “White Lotus”? Do you want to write too?

I write so much about them that I can’t summarize! He is literally like someone who has put his entire life into a book. Several times in my life I have had the opportunity to sit in front of my computer and tell myself that I was about to write the next great American novel. And then nothing comes out! But maybe one day!

Let’s talk a little about Cassie, your character in “Euphoria”, what are the traits of her personality that move you?

His search for love. She is looking for so much love in so many places, and sometimes in the wrong places. She cannot love herself. Finding a character who has to go through so many emotional upheavals is why it’s so exciting to delve into her psyche.

I have the impression that she only manages to exist through the gaze of others, and especially men, perhaps because Cassie didn’t know her father … Isn’t that why it makes her tender and detestable at the same time?

I think so too. I totally agree with you that she can only look at herself if other guys are watching her. It has this very beautiful and tragic trait of wanting to be perfect for other people, because you always try to find that perfection within you, but it is for other people. Does this make you a good person or a bad person?

In an interview on Cassie you said that her body was used to communicate, can you explain more?

It’s true. She always does. I don’t know if she has been specifically told, but I think she has learned that she can attract men’s attention and desire through her body. It is the only form of communication he knows to get what he wants. And the way he moves, the parts of his body that he shows, these are all subtle words in his mind that he says to others. He doesn’t know how to say it verbally, so he has to say it physically.

Many young adults watch “Euphoria”, what do you think Cassie brings them in terms of construction?

I think Cassie represents a lot of things that people have experienced, felt and experienced, regardless of age.

How do you hope it evolves?

I have not the faintest idea.

Do you have any wishes for her?

Ninth. It’s fun to be surprised by reading Sam’s scripts!

Can you tell us about your future projects?

I just finished filming the national anthem. Then there is Madame Web, for Sony and Marvel, which will come out with Astra Clarkson.

Do you have models, icons that you would like to follow in their footsteps?

I have always loved Meryl Streep’s career, but I hope I have charted my career path for myself and someone will one day say to themselves, I hope I don’t follow Sydney’s, but I do it my way.

You are the symbol of the power women now have in Hollywood, right?

I definitely think young women now have the opportunity to use their intelligence and creativity to express what they want and show what they want, and that’s great.

Reese Witherspoon, who at the beginning of her career was seen as a beautiful blonde, has become one of the most powerful voices in Hollywood … Does she inspire you?

Yes, I would love to work with her, she is an amazing woman and I believe I can learn from her.

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