“I saw myself die”: the stabbed Saint-Cyrienne tells how she was attacked on Tuesday

“I saw myself die”: the stabbed Saint-Cyrienne tells how she was attacked on Tuesday

“I saw myself die”: the stabbed Saint-Cyrienne tells how she was attacked on Tuesday

“I thought of my three children whom I would never see again. I saw myself die”. The words are strong. At the height of the trauma suffered. Sylla Aminata is a survivor.

A 51-year-old from Guinea, of French nationality, was the victim on Tuesday afternoon in the center of the city of Saint-Cyr, where she has lived for fourteen years, of a deranged woman who stabbed her in the throat, shouting: “I don’t like blacks!” A free act

While the emotion was at its peak, the perpetrator was able to be arrested and placed in police custody in the premises of the Saint-Cyr gendarmerie brigade.

According to the doctors of the La Ciotat hospital, where she was transported by the fire brigade and from where she left at 6 pm, if Sylla Aminata had not had the reflex movement to try to dodge the knife by pushing her head back, the blow would have been no doubt they were fatal.

Showing a long and deep gash, spectacular but fortunately almost superficial behind a white bandage, he testifies to it.

“A 30 cm kitchen knife”

“At the end of my service at the Ô Rellys restaurant, around 3 pm, I took the garbage cans to the bins in the parking lot next door”it begins.

Passing under the portico that separates Place Portalis from the Gabriel-Péri car park, he meets two women: “One of them I met by sight told me: “I don’t like black people”… I thought she was cracked, her attendant told me not to be careful and I continued on my way to the containers “.

Everything then happens very quickly. “He ran very fast towards me, he repeated: ‘Oh! I’m talking to you! I don’t like black people. I turned and saw her pull out a kitchen knife at least 12 inches long from behind her back, she raised her arm and stabbed me in the neck with her blade. I backed away and felt a pain, I put my hands around my neck, I was bleeding profusely, I fell to the ground and shouted: help! Help! Thinking I was going to die “.

“I’m afraid of meeting her again”

It was a motorist in the parking lot, witness to the scene, who got out of his vehicle and ordered Sylla Aminata to compress the wound, before setting off in pursuit of the unbalanced woman, who was returning home, while her partner, caught with fear, she fled to a nearby company where she works.

Gesticulating with the knife, the unbalanced woman was finally arrested by several passers-by and handed over to the municipal police, alerted by the victim’s colleagues who rushed to meet her, awaiting the arrival of the gendarmes.

Today Sylla Aminata, to whom the doctors have recommended a psychological follow-up to cancel the trauma experienced, fears: When I leave the house I am not calm, I look left and right … And if they release the woman who attacked me, I will inevitably meet her again … “.

The woman who attacked her, still yesterday in police custody, known to suffer from psychiatric disorders and who was under the influence of a “state of addiction” at the time of the facts, it will be presented on Thursday morning at the public prosecutor’s office in Toulon.

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