“I was hungry for being like this”: Marianne James compared pictures of her skinny

“I was hungry for being like this”: Marianne James compared pictures of her skinny

“I was hungry for being like this”: Marianne James compared pictures of her skinny

In the show It starts todayairing Tuesday 30 August on France 2, Marianne James, who recently confided in cosmetic surgery, has agreed to talk unfiltered about her weight in this issue titled Bodypositive: what if we love each other?

It all begins when Faustine Bollaert evokes the physical evolution and in particular the weight of the singer. “You entrusted us with personal photos, we reassembled the film of your life and we will see that you have gone through all the phases, all the weights and the phases of acceptance“, declares the guest. The video immediately paints the portrait of a greedy and good-natured child, who tries his hand at music in adolescence, when she”it fluctuates between weight gain and weight loss“. His voice, initially fragile, gains power.”It must be said that at the time, in the world of jazz and opera, having a chest was essential“adds the voiceover by adding in parallel an excerpt from a performance of”his idol“Ella Fitzgerald.

I have not taken anyone in my arms

However, he controls his wishes and shows a rather slim silhouette“, it can also be heard, while images of the skinny singer appear on the screen. Finally, later,”she lets go ” definitely “taken and assumes with its curves”. A video which summarizes her career and her physical evolution according to her. “The photos in which you are thinner are not the most smiling“, Observes Faustine Bollaert in order to launch Marianne James, eliminated during the launch of the fourth season of Singer in mask on TF1.

I starved myself for being like that. The control I had over my body was so intense, so exclusive and so daily, that it has been two years since I hugged someone and no one has. It’s a body so hard to get it hasn’t even become …“, confides the 60-year-old singer.”Sacred? “, Faustine Bollaert intervenes.”Yes, that’s it, holy. It was hard. Then there were diets to always stay within the norm, but after a while they no longer worked “, complete the interpreter of In your pupils, today very much in tune with its weight.

On May 29, she told on TikTok the day she was the target of a grossophobic attack in the capital. Obviously deplorable actions… Fortunately, the singer can boast of having a mind of steel!

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