“I’ll leave you all!”  : Psychologically fragile, a Chartraine is condemned for numerous acts of violence

“I’ll leave you all!” : Psychologically fragile, a Chartraine is condemned for numerous acts of violence

“I’ll leave you all!”  : Psychologically fragile, a Chartraine is condemned for numerous acts of violence

“It’s unbelievable,” exclaims Me Vincent Rivierre, the police lawyer. “Logically, it is the police who put a suspect on the ground. In this case, it was the suspect who managed to put my client down, throwing himself on her and grabbing her by her hair! “

The 19-year-old woman does not show up for trial. She is represented by her lawyer, Me Dominique Jugieau. She is tried before the Court of Chartres after the denunciation of a psychiatric nurse from the CMP (Center médico-psychologique.)
On December 10, the young woman went to the CMP. “She came without an appointment asking to meet the psychiatrist,” the nurse explained to the police. “I told him it wasn’t possible. Everyone was busy. “
An answer that puts Chartraine out of the game. “I’m going to make a cake!”, She would have thrown herself to the nurse, before beating her.

When she learns that a complaint has been filed, the young woman launches a new anger. Armed with a knife, she goes back to the CMP. “I will plant you all,” she would throw at the medical staff. It took police intervention to get her out of the building.

“A borderline personality”

Placed in police custody, the Chartraine, under enhanced curatorship, admits violence and threats. “I was pissed. I wanted to quit her because of her complaint. “
On April 20, during a visit by his curator to his home, the interview would go wrong. “He threatened me with death”, explains the curator to the police during his complaint.

A week later, he is the preparer of a pharmacy in Chartres, the victim of a new outbreak of anger. For a trivial prescription story that the pharmacist wanted to check, she would have been beaten by the young woman.
“One client also got hit in the head,” the trainer told police.

“She came back the next day when she learned that I had filed a complaint. She knocked over all the displays that were within her reach and she punched the computer. “

That same day, La Chartraine went to the hospital’s psychiatric emergency room. According to the statements of the staff present on the spot, she would have come without respecting the health protocol in force at that time. “She insulted me and threatened me with death,” assures a nurse during her complaint. The hospital security officers reportedly intervened. The madwoman would be able to kick open the glass door.

On May 10, another hospital nurse filed a complaint about death threats and violence. The young woman is placed in solitary confinement in psychiatry.

On 21 May he allegedly damaged a reception window at Chartres hospital, threatening and insulting the nursing staff. She supposedly threw her a chair in the direction of a nurse.

Five days later, he reportedly threatened firefighters who were called to his home. He allegedly hit his roommate with an iron bar.

On May 28, he returned to the hospital where he allegedly threatened to attempt suicide. She reportedly refused to leave and kicked the automatic door. On that very day, the violence against a policewoman, of which Me Rivierre speaks, would have occurred.

The psychiatrist concludes “a borderline personality suffering from manic decompensation. “The state of psychiatry in our country is dramatic”, regrets Me Rivierre. “Yet the victims feel empathy for her”, remarks Me Jugieau in defense. “It transpires from the file. “

The young woman was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment with suspended sentence.

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