In Alfortville, a petition denounces the replacement of free games with a paid carousel

In Alfortville, a petition denounces the replacement of free games with a paid carousel

In Alfortville, a petition denounces the replacement of free games with a paid carousel

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Gabriel Meynet Square near Alfortville Town Hall will see the arrival of a permanent carousel and food truck. (© MAM / Val-de-Marne News)

Exit the slide, make room for a permanent carousel and a food truck in the Gabriel Meynet Squareright next to the town hall ofAlfortville (Val de Marna). Opponents of the project launched a petition against these installations which should arrive on the weekend of Saturday 17 September 2022.

Just over 300 signatures

This is explained by the petition, launched two weeks ago by the parents of the pupils and by the assistants of the Victor Hugo kindergarten The Parisiancollected just over 300 signatures.

“No to a paid carousel instead of a free play area! The carousel means less play space for children and is hell for parents who will be harassed by their children to take a ride on the carousel for 2 euros each way! We do not want private companies to establish themselves in this public place dedicated to children. No to the commodification of public space ”, denounces the petition.

Another point of contention, the foodtruck, for them synonymous with “inaction” and “junk food”.

A slide installed in a nursery school

In the town hall we are surprised by the method used, which is to put a petition online. ” Luc Carvounas he has been present at the association village and the flea market lately, no one has asked him about the development of Square Meynet “, explains his head of cabinet, Matteo Mayer.

If one of the slides actually starts from the square, the other play structures do not move. “The sled removed will also make the students of theLouise Michel school, where it will be installed. The other two slides will remain in place.

“Revitalization of Square Meynet”

The permanent carousel replaces the one that was temporarily present in front of the park, and especially near the memorial. “For about ten years, veteran associations have been asking us to do something. Luc Carvounas made an election promise of it during the last municipal elections. But the project is part of “a more global reflection on the revitalization of Square Meynet”, adds Matthieu Mayer.

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The carousel, whose diameter is less than seven meters, will consume less energy. “There will no longer be the displacement of the seasonal carousel with the arrival of the trucks”, explains the chief of staff. The ride of the carousel it will cost 2.50 eurosagainst the 3 euros of the previous one, while 150 tickets will be distributed free of charge every month in recreation centers and day care centers.

Short circuit and local products

As for the foodtruck, it is criticized “without the opponents knowing in advance what will be cooked there, as if foodtruck rhymes with a bloody hamburger”. It will be run by an Alfortvillais, who will work with fresh produce in a short circuit and offer salads or sandwiches.

The city hall received some of the opponents on Wednesday 7 September 2022, but each party remained on its own positions.

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