In full conflict with Elon Musk, Twitter is strangled by an informant

In full conflict with Elon Musk, Twitter is strangled by an informant

In full conflict with Elon Musk, Twitter is strangled by an informant


“I’m here today because the Twitter management is misleading the public.” Tuesday, September 13, in front of the American senators, says Peiter Zatko “Mold”the former head of social network security played a company “To whom he still wishes success”, but the management of which endangers all its users. The former employee who became an informant went back at length to the allegations contained in the file he sent to several US regulators and elected officials in August.

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Confused, Mr. Zatko, a well-known figure of the American hacker community, has returned to the presence – ascertained in some cases – of secret agents or collaborators of intelligence agencies among the company’s employees; on the obsolescence of the technical infrastructure of the social network, “ten years late” ; the ability of thousands of employees to access user data; or even on the absence of basic security tools, such as logging attempts to connect to Twitter tools.

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More generally, Mr. Zatko described a company where engineers do their best to correct problems, but without management support or even understanding. “Key members of management lack the skills to understand the extent of the problem”assured Mr. Zatko. “And they have no incentive to do so. As writer Upton Sinclair said, it is extremely difficult to get someone to understand something if their salary depends on them not understanding it ”.he added, estimating Twitter “Driven solely by the pursuit of profit”.

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An advantage for Elon Musk

By coincidence of calendar, the “Mudge” audition has a particular weight because it falls in the middle of a battle between Elon Musk and Twitter. This relentless accusation damages Twitter’s leadership image, and Tesla’s founder was granted the right to include it in his legal arguments during his court trial in Delaware, United States, on Oct.17. . Settlement of the dispute in court now seems the only way out since Twitter shareholders voted in favor of Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion takeover bid in April on Tuesday, September 13.

Mr. Zatko’s offensive is a boon for Mr. Musk: among the 84 pages of reproaches sent to the American authorities, the former employee formulates a criticism used by the American businessman as the main reason for withdrawing his public offer of purchase: Twitter management would underestimate the number of accounts “non-human” when he advances the figure of 5% of the automatic accounts. However, this explanation is not unanimous: for some, it is rather problems with the financial package, due to the drop in the stock price of the shares of his company Tesla, which prompted Mr. Musk to cancel his offer.

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