In Scotland, a mysterious fireball crosses the sky

In Scotland, a mysterious fireball crosses the sky

In Scotland, a mysterious fireball crosses the sky

SCOTLAND – A very bright ball of fire crossed the sky of Scotland and Northern Ireland this Wednesday, September 14 at around 9pm. Surprised by this object that descends towards the Earth, many Internet users filmed this moment, questioning nature of this show.

The UK Meteor Network, a network of British meteorological scientists, immediately became interested in the episode. His teams, equipped with 170 cameras to capture these kinds of events, initially hesitated between a meteorite and space debris.

This Thursday, September 15, the group indicated on Twitter that it was most likely space debris. And to add: “There have been nearly 800 reports of the fireball being seen in the UK last night. The preliminary trajectory was calculated by the International Meteor Organization and indicates that the object, which we now believe to be space junk, may have fallen into the Atlantic, south of the Hebrides. “

Steve Owen, an astronomer and speaker at the Glasgow Science Center, said on the show Good morning Scotland from the BBC: “It was great, I was sitting in my living room […] and I saw through the window, to the south, this bright ball of fire, this meteor that crossed the sky. I could tell it was something special because I could see through the clouds that there were little fragments coming out of it. “. Regardless of the nature of the object, the show was really there.

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