In turn, Denmark wants to send its asylum seekers to Rwanda

In turn, Denmark wants to send its asylum seekers to Rwanda

In turn, Denmark wants to send its asylum seekers to Rwanda

Danish border. AFP

Copenhagen is preparing to conclude an agreement for the transfer of its asylum seekers to Rwanda before their file is examined. The project itself, initiated by the UK, has so far experienced many legal adventures.

As early as 2021 Denmark had approved a law authorizing the transfer of asylum seekers outside the European continent: this policy is confirmed when Copenhagen announced on Friday 9 September that it had signed a bilateral declaration for an agreement with Rwanda.

The intention of both countries is to considerthe establishment of a program whereby asylum seekers arriving in Denmark could be transferred to Rwanda for the study of their asylum file“, Says the press release from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Asylum seekers in Denmark must always submit an application personally upon arrival at Danish border control, before being transported to another country. This plan also includesthe possibility of settling in Rwandain the event that the asylum application is refused.

The same project, between the UK and Rwanda, has been controversial for a year. Prince Charles himself – now King Charles III – had come out of the traditional monarchical reserve, saying he was “appalled” by the British government’s plan to deport asylum seekers who had illegally arrived in the UK to Rwanda. Last Monday, the justice system again examined the appeal of the associations against this controversial project, which however intends to defend at all costs Liz Truss, designated the same day to succeed Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

This is not the first time that Rwanda has wanted to sign such agreements with countries subject to large numbers of asylum applications. For what interest? Behind the advanced humanistic intentions, these agreements are an economic opportunity for the Great Lakes State region. Thanks to the British compensation, the operation will have no consequences on the national budget, the authorities assured. In addition, the UK has pledged an initial budget of £ 120 million (€ 145 million) for both project implementation and development aid to the country, ranked 14.And poorest nation in the world.

As for Denmark, derided by the European left, the Social Democrats have for several years now pursued a policy decidedly aimed at reducing migratory flows – to the point that the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, is increasingly compared to his counterpart Viktor Orban. The Scandinavian country believes its survival is at stake here: supporters of a very generous social model, the Danes fear that this protection is threatened by an unreasonable opening. And above all the fear, more than anything else, of the establishment of mass unemployment that would inflict a fatal blow to their welfare state.

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