Incredible !  He discovers a giant dinosaur skeleton in his garden!

Incredible ! He discovers a giant dinosaur skeleton in his garden!

Incredible !  He discovers a giant dinosaur skeleton in his garden!

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Portugal dinosaur skeleton
A Portuguese from the Plombal region discovered a dinosaur skeleton in excellent condition in his garden while he was doing some work on his home.

It all starts in 2017 in the center of Portugal. A resident begins in Plombal work to build an annex at his house. Digging with a backhoe, the latter accidentally discovers several dinosaur bones. Quickly, the garden is isolated to be studied by specialists led by the University of Lisbon.

And it was only in early August 2022 that a team of Portuguese and Spanish researchers unearthed the rest of the animal’s fossils. The search will continue on and around the site over the next few months. And its an important discovery Why could it be the largest fossilized sauropod skeleton ever discovered in Europe.

“It is one of the greatest known examples on a European or even global level“, detailed on Monday 29 August, Elisabete Malafaia, director of excavations and paleontologist at the University of Lisbon. More makes it “rare” : compared to the usual fossil finds, this is particularly well preserved.

Thanks to the size of the skeleton, paleontologists estimate that this dinosaur was close 12 meters high and 25 meters long. They identified the animal as being of the sauropod family and could correspond to a brachiosaurus. These specimens are among the largest animals that have ever lived on Earth and especially populated the western region of Portugal.

Sauropode Portugal
This is what a brachiosaurus from the sauropod family looked like, like the specimen discovered in Portugal.

The sauropods were herbivorous dinosaursthey fed on leaves, branches and they were quadrupeds. Their 4 legs were underdeveloped because they had to be able to support their weight, which could be up to 50 tons! These animals, living between 160 and 100 million years ago, they were recognizable by their long neck and long tail.

So far, the researchers have succeeded in dig out the ribs and vertebrae of the sauropod uniquely. And it looks like the The Plombal region favors the discovery of dinosaur fossils.

“Researches in the paleontological locality of Monte Agudo confirm that the region of Pombal has an important fossil record of vertebrates from the upper Jurassic, which in recent decades has provided the discovery of very important abundant elements for the knowledge of the continental faunas that inhabited the Iberian peninsula, about 145 million years ago “, says Elisabeth Malafaia.

To date, the skeleton recognized as being largest sauropod fossil never discovered it was found in the mountains of the Pyrenees, in Spain. The dinosaur has almost measured 18 meters long.

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