Italy became world champion at the expense of Poland

Italy became world champion at the expense of Poland

Italy became world champion at the expense of Poland

After losing the first set, Italy managed to turn the tide of the match by beating Poland at home in the World Cup final in Katowice. In a room fully conquered by the opposing cause, the Italians chained three sets winning 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-18, 25-20). Double holder of the title, Poland had eliminated Brazil on the wire (3-2) on Saturday in the semifinals.

With just one player over 26 and several talents, the Italians put an end to the Polish dominance in this competition, after the titles of 2014 and 2018, and confirmed the European title last year, already in the Saucer (literal translation of Spodek) of Katowice. They also reconnect with the glorious world past of their ancestors, the “Phenomena”, titled 3 times consecutively in 1990, 1994 and 1998.

Yet it was the other captain, Bartosz Kurek, who set the tone at the start of the game, putting together strong attacks and allowing Poland to win the first leg to the rhythm of “raz, dwa, trzy” (one, two, three in Polish ) sung by the audience. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the Biancorossi of the best player of the 2018 World Cup, who started the second set with a biting 3 to 0.

The second set: the turning point of the match

But at the end of the second set, the Italians were able to tighten the game at the right time, winning 3 points in a row on 20-20 to bring the 23-20, then draw. Despite a final round still disputed, the Poles ended up breaking, as beaten, like this point lost at 20-17, where none of the three launched to restart the ball.

The Italians went crazy from the victory in the quarter-finals against France (3-2), Olympic champion in Tokyo a year ago, and they were not behind against Slovenia in the semifinals (3-0).

Young people in power

This team hovers, carried away by their passion, their youth – only one player is over 26 – and their ambition to reconnect with their glorious past. Led by her 20-year-old nugget, Alessandro Michieletto, the other striker-striker Daniele Lavia and the cutting edge Yuri Romano, completely turned the tide against the Poles. To these strikers we must add the passer-by and team captain: Simone Giannelli, undoubtedly the best player of this final, under the eyes of his coach Ferdinando De Giorgi, passer-by of the “Fenomeni”.

This young crew flew towards an unexpected victory: after reaching the World Cup final, a performance that it had not achieved since 1998, it won the fourth title in its history.

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