“It’s a crime to play at this hour”

“It’s a crime to play at this hour”

“It’s a crime to play at this hour”

Javier Aguirre, Real Mallorca manager, protested against the schedule after the heavy defeat to Real Madrid at the Bernabéu (4-1).

Feelings: “It is normal that they beat us, they are superior. Going 1-1 at half-time was already a kind of mirage. In the end it is a question of individual qualities, they scored two great goals and we were passive. The result is right.”

Antonio Sánchez’s missed opportunity: “He could have changed everything, sure. But at this level you have no room for error, because you will only have 2 or 3 in the whole game and you have to put them. The Bernabéu are in the same league as us, but they are not at our level.”

How far can Mallorca go? “We have to push ourselves a little more, believe in it more. If you dedicate yourself to football, if you focus on the ball, we have the qualities to beat many teams, maybe not all of them, but many. We give everything in every match and we will see until what point can we get. We have an excellent squad. “

How did you see the game? “I think they were superior and sooner or later they would have given us a goal. The idea was to remain as solid as possible, we would have had chances and we had them, but in any case they are better. They have the wind in their sails, Ancelotti is a extraordinary coach, it was logical to lose here “.

The problem with Vinicius: “We talk on the pitch, nothing here. It’s football, that’s where it is. Real won 4-1, congratulations, that’s it.”

The gestures of Vinicius, his players scolded him: “Ask the players what they think, I’ve already answered”.

Valverde’s goal hurt them a lot … “The 0-1 was a mirage, sooner or later it was clear that it would be difficult to keep the clean sheet. The team was good, we had the chance to score the 1-2 and then …” Nothing The last ones two goals penalized us a lot, they were avoidable, but I can’t fault my team. “

He has a good relationship with Ancelotti: “Carlo is sensational, he is a great coach and a great human being. We shared the World Cup in Russia on Mexican TV and he is an exceptional guy.”

His team ended the match very tired: “You can’t play at this hour (14:00), it’s a crime. Chasing the ball all the time, because they have it and they don’t get tired, it’s a real burden for us. We were exhausted. Drink a lot of water because it’s very difficult to play with this program. Several players also had cramps, Battaglia suffered. We changed the whole midfield for this. We were affected by this and we will have to play again on Saturday … “

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