Joe Biden hails “a statesman of incomparable dignity and steadfastness”

Joe Biden hails “a statesman of incomparable dignity and steadfastness”

Joe Biden hails “a statesman of incomparable dignity and steadfastness”

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21:41 : Only a few hours will elapse between the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors’ concern for her health this midday and the announcement of her death this evening. France 2 retraces this historic day in the UK.

21:41 : “People around the world will feel a deep sense of loss and New Zealanders share that pain.”, reacts Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand, in a press release. The country is part of the Commonwealth.

21:38 : Incredibly moving tribute as black cabs queue silently in the mall to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth.

21:38 : Thousands of people are flooding the mall to lay flowers for the Queen outside Buckingham Palace. A note reads “We’ve had you for a lot longer than we deserved”.

21:37 : “We got you [à nos côtés] for much longer than we deserved. “ This is one of the messages left in front of Buckingham Palace, in London, where thousands of people continue to flock, according to a British journalist. He adds that dozens of taxis park silently in front of the building, to pay homage to Elizabeth II.

21:37 : Prince Charles became King Charles at the time of his mother’s death, like Charles III. But the next few weeks will still be marked by several phases of the protocol, as our article explains. He will be proclaimed king for the first time tomorrow, but his coronation will take place after all the tributes paid to Elizabeth II. The latter had been crowned more than a year after her father’s death.

21:34 : Host of the special edition of France 2, former Minister of Culture Jack Lang pays tribute to “dignity” and the “force” of Elizabeth II. “The work he has done is lasting workHe believes.


21:33 : She had met all the Presidents of the Fourth and Fifth Republics and she liked to remember the talks she had had with them, thus signifying the strength of the bond that united our two countries beyond political differences.

21:33 : “Queen Elizabeth II was an exceptional personality. Both for what she represented for the British people, for her image in the world and for the role she has played in history.

François Hollande pays homage to Elizabeth II, who according to him she was “sincerely linked to France”.

21:29 : Have a good evening @Reda. As the UK is a constitutional monarchy, a distinction needs to be made between the roles of sovereign and head of government. And the country has both: Charles III became king on the death of his mother and is therefore the new British head of state. His role is limited and he has a duty of political neutrality, like the rest of the royal family. Prime Minister Lizz Truss, who took office the day before yesterday, leads the country’s politics.

21:29 : So does that mean there are no more leaders in the UK?

21:29 : Passers-by in Balmoral (Scotland) also placed flowers in homage to Elizabeth II, in front of the gate of the royal residence where she died this afternoon. Prince Harry arrived there just now, after news of his grandmother’s death was announced.


21:25 : There was total silence outside Buckingham Palace when the news broke, and then the crowd started singing: God Save the King.

21:25 : We explained it before: the British will now sing God save the king. A revisited anthem that crowds gathered in front of Buckingham Palace spontaneously sang right now at the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, according to this video from a CNN reporter.

21:21 : You can watch the special edition of France 2 in our live stream. Stéphane Bern told just now behind the scenes of Elizabeth II’s meeting with François Hollande during her last visit to France.

21:18 : Have a good evening @Leti 25. According to protocol, Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place in nine days, at Westminster Abbey in London. Her coffin will enter the building at 11 o’clock sharp. After her funeral, her coffin will be transported to Windsor Palace. She will be buried in the Chapel of St. George, where her husband, Prince Philip, her sister, her mother and many other British monarchs rest.

21:18 : what is the protocol for the queen’s funeral?

21:05 : Have a good evening . There are no silly questions;) The British monarch has a duty of political neutrality. He or she therefore does not give his opinion on the measures decided by the government and does not even vote in the elections, he explains News week.

21:05 : I have only one question, which may seem “silly” to some, but does the monarchy and therefore the queen have a say in political decisions? Gender on Brexit for example? 🤔

21:01 : Throughout my life Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has always been there. In my childhood I remember seeing the highlights of her marriage on TV. I remember her as a beautiful young woman, for the nation’s much-loved grandmother. My deepest condolences go out to the royal family.

21:02 : One of the kings of English rock, Mick Jagger, extends his condolences to the royal family. “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has always been there, all my life”reacts the singer, who was 8 when she ascended the throne.

20:55 : France Télévisions changes its programs tonight. France 2 offers a special edition, with its special correspondents in London and Balmoral, to follow the reactions of the UK and around the world. The second part of the evening will be dedicated to a special edition of “Secrets d’histoire” with Stéphane Bern. “C ce soir”, on France 5, will also dedicate a special edition to the event. Two documentaries on the story of Elizabeth II will air on France 3 tomorrow. The numbers of‘”Special Envoy “and” Complementary Investigations “scheduled for this evening will soon be rescheduled.

20:55 : On Instagram, Barack Obama remembers it “Since her coronation 70 years ago, (…) Queen Elizabeth II has fascinated the whole world”. “More than once, [Michelle et moi] We were struck by his warmth (…) and the way he used his incredible humor and charm in ceremonial moments “, adds the former American president.

20:52 : Donald Trump evokes, for his part, the“extraordinary legacy of peace and prosperity” left by Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom. “His sense of leadership and diplomacy has helped establish and strengthen alliances with the United States and other countries around the world.”he wrote.

20:49 : My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family and all the people Her Majesty has inspired during her life of service.

20:49 : Several former American presidents pay homage to Elizabeth II. Bill Clinton greets a monarch who has “He has led the UK through a profound transformation, with grace, dignity and a sincere commitment to the well-being of its people.”

20:49 : Tomorrow on the last page. #QueenElizabeth #ElizabethII

20:49 : ⚫️ The pain of England: here is the front page of @libe on Friday, after the death of Elizabeth II #QueenElizabeth

20:49 : The newspaper Publication dedicates the first and last page of tomorrow’s edition to Elizabeth II, ea “The Pain of England”according to the headline of the newspaper.

20:47 : Passers-by lay flowers at the gates of Buckingham Palace, London, where a staff member posted a message announcing the death of Queen Elizabeth II.


20:45 : Tomorrow the flags of the Elysée will be lowered, as well as the day of the queen’s funeral, indicates the presidency to franceinfo.

20:46 : “Today is the saddest day in our country”, Boris Johnson reacts, who on Tuesday handed Elizabeth II his resignation from the office of Prime Minister. It evokes a sense of loss “perhaps much deeper than we expected.”

20:41 : Have a good evening . In fact, the lyrics of the British national anthem now change to become “God save our gracious Kingexplains the Guardian. Other changes will take place, for example so that British postage stamps and banknotes now bear the image of Charles III. According to the British newspaper, it will take “at least two years” for the replacement of all tickets.

20:40 : Does the hymn become “god save the king” now?

20:39 : Here’s the moment when Huw Edwards on BBC One announced the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

20:39 : A BBC reporter video sharing the moment when the first British public television channel announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

20:34 : Scottish Prime Minister (and separatist) Nicola Sturgeon “gift [ses] heartfelt condolences to the king and the royal family “ and presents the death of Elizabeth II as “a deeply sad moment”.

20:33 : Queen Elizabeth II was a “constant presence” in the life of Canadians e “will forever remain an important part of our country’s history”, reacts the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Elizabeth II was officially the head of state of Canada. She is also the foreign country she visited the most during her reign.

20:31 : Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, pays tribute to aa “notable ruler” who has always been “above the political fray”.

20:28 : Here (in two parts) the speech of the British Prime Minister Liz Truss, appointed two days ago, after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II.


20:24 : The British Embassy in Paris has lowered the flag.

(Ludovic SAILOR / AFP)

20:23 : TIME’s new commemorative cover: Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

20:22 : The American magazine Time unveils the cover of its tribute edition to Elizabeth II. It is very simply titled “Queen”.

20:20 : According to Guardian, Operation “Unicorn” involves the transport of Elizabeth II’s remains to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, in two days. A religious ceremony will then take place at St Giles’ Cathedral, where her coffin will rest for 24 hours before being moved to London.

20:20 : Operation “London Bridge”, which provided for the protocol to be followed upon the death of the queen and in the following days, must be adapted after the death of the monarch in Scotland (and not in London). This is another procedure, the “Unicorn” (“unicorn” in English) which is set.

20:20 : In her speech, Liz Truss also referred to the new king as Charles III, which therefore appears to be the official name of the new monarch. The last Charles of England reigned from 1660, when the British monarchy was restored, to 1685. Long before the throne of England was reunited with that of Scotland, which formed the United Kingdom.

20:13 : Liz Truss speaks outside Downing Street, her official residence. Elizabeth II incarnate “the very spirit of the United Kingdom”she says too. The Queen’s last public appearance was her meeting with Liz Truss on Tuesday to confirm her appointment as Prime Minister. An interview that took place at her residence in Balmoral rather than Buckingham Palace in London, due to the Queen’s health condition.

20:10 : “We are all devastated. (…) Queen Elizabeth was the rock on which our country was built”, Prime Minister Liz Truss reacts.

20:09 : “The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty the Queen, is a moment of great sadness for me and for all the members of my family”writes the eldest son of Elizabeth II, according to the press release sent by Buckingham Palace. “I know his loss will profoundly affect the country, the kingdoms and the Commonwealth.”

20:06 : A statement from His Majesty the King:

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