Karine Le Marchand: Her astronomical salary for Love is in the meadow!

Karine Le Marchand: Her astronomical salary for Love is in the meadow!

Karine Le Marchand: Her astronomical salary for Love is in the meadow!

Karine Le Marchand’s long career in the world of television is simply exemplary. She is the famous host of M6 that she started in 1998 hosting Musique Musiques on France 3. She then did a first stint in M6 before joining TV5. Joey Starr’s ex also hosted Les Maternelles on France 5. A program she stayed on for nearly ten years. The one who recently made a big vent is also one of the most emblematic conductors of this show. It wasn’t until 2009 that she launched the first season of Love is in the Meadow and the least we can say is that her idea of ​​her was a good one. The audience for this show has remained constant until now, so the channel didn’t have to cancel it along the way.

A staggering salary

L’Amour est dans le pré was once again a real success for M6 last season. With over 3 million viewers during the season, Karine Le Marchand was well on her way to breaking records. A success that obviously has a huge impact on the famous conductor’s bank account. Cyril Hanouna did his little survey of Joey Starr’s ex’s salary and concluded that he received around € 15,000 in bonuses. A substantial figure that would make him 150,000 euros throughout the season. Suffice it to say that Cécile’s great friend will have no worries for the next few years. Especially when you know that she, together with Stéphane Plaza, has won the trophy for best animator.

Love is in the meadow isn’t the only program that Karine Le Marchand hosts on the M6. The latter is also the head of many programs including Incredible talent. So many activities in the appendix that also bring him a lot of money. Of course, this information revealed by Cyril Hanouna in Key not at my post remains to be taken with huge tweezers. The TV host has not yet come out of her silence to confirm or deny it. Something she may never do given the solid discretion she respects when it comes to her private life.

Karine Le Marchand was always welcome on the Touche set, not in my place until Matthieu Delormeau and Kelly Vedovelli started interfering in her private life. She then freaked out asking them to interfere in what she was watching them. At the time it was rumored that she was going to be in a relationship with Gad Elmaleh. Suddenly, the columnists wanted to clear things up. However, the particularly virulent observations of the M6 ​​host are not without consequences compared to Cyril Hanouna. The latter then pushed a huge outburst against the one he had invited several times before on his he show.

For his part, Guillaume Genton stressed the fact that Karine Le Marchand is also heavily paid while the candidates of L’Amour est dans le pré are not. Many of them would also need.

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