Kids of The Wool stimulates children’s development through play

Kids of The Wool stimulates children’s development through play

Kids of The Wool stimulates children’s development through play

Created in 2019, the Kids of The Wool company has developed a playful universe for children aged 3 to 9 and a series of products to stimulate their awakening through play. Joyce Taulé, the founder, explains how and why this company was born.

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IInspired by the Montessori method, this positive pedagogy puts the family back at the center of children’s activities and allows them to disconnect from today’s ubiquitous screens. “Kids of the wool was born shortly after my daughter was born. I got a click. I wanted to find, through my daughter, quality sharing moments with her and I couldn’t find, at that moment, creative hobbies suitable for me. I wanted to bring them together in a single concept, with my family values ​​around grandparents, animals, nature and children. The idea was to allow parents and grandparents to spend a convivial moment with the children, around a playful activity, with creative hobbies ”assures Joyce Taulé, president of Kids of The Wool.

Easily identifiable characters

Kids of The Wool’s goal is to recreate a playful and humanistic world carried by a series of sparkling characters. “Each character has a very specific power and personality. Thus we find the shy, the talkative, the intelligent, etc. The child can then affirm his personality by identifying with one of them. The ambition is to offer this young audience an inexhaustible playground without borders or cultural barriers, in which children feel free, inspired and creative. Kids Of The Wool allows children to stimulate their creativity and imagination, to learn patience and concentration. Encourage free thinking and problem solving. Improve their fine and gross motor skills. And to learn sewing techniques and manual activities “, says Joyce Taulé. To continue the development of the company, the priority objective is to increase brand awareness through various communication actions and launches (podcasts, book collection, partnerships of communication) in order to have a key image of the brand in raising children.

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