King Charles III visits Wales with little enthusiasm from the locals

King Charles III visits Wales with little enthusiasm from the locals

King Charles III visits Wales with little enthusiasm from the locals

The new King Charles III concludes his UK tour with a trip to Wales this Friday.

Eight days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, King Charles III completes his first tour as the new ruler in Wales this Friday. In Cardiff, he will attend a church service in the early afternoon with Queen Consort Camilla and British Prime Minister Liz Truss. Then, the king must meet the schoolchildren and go to the Welsh parliament to receive the official condolences of the deputies.

Controversy over the title of the Prince of Wales

Among the population, this first visit did not arouse great enthusiasm. The locals have belatedly begun to gather around Cardiff Castle as it will be possible to enter to see the new king. The first 2000 visitors could even exchange with Charles III.

Cardiff residents told BFMTV that they don’t want to get up “very early” to go to the castle while some say “it doesn’t concern them because it’s a British monarchy”. Finally, others evoke Liam Gallagher’s concert this Friday in Cardiff as more important than the King’s visit.

“Wales, which oddly voted for Brexit by a majority, has changed its mood and is also much more critical of the British system. However, at the time of Brexit, Wales explained that it felt closer to England.” “, analyzes Sylvie Bermann, diplomacy consultant at BFMTV.

The award of the title of Prince of Wales has also raised a lot of criticism. Held by Charles III since July 26, 1958, when he was only 9, the title has just been awarded on September 9 to his son, Prince William. This assignment was made too quickly according to many residents who also denounce the lack of consultation before the Welsh parliament.

A petition has been posted on social networks and has already collected more than 27,000 signatures in a week to ask Prince William to give up his title. “It would have been nice to discuss this, for there to be a national debate on this issue so that the final decision rested with the Welsh,” Trystan Gruffydd, author of a petition against the title of Prince of Wales, told BFMTV.

“William’s challenge will be to renew this bond, to strengthen it when he himself has already lived in Wales,” said Jérome Carron, senior reporter for the magazine. Point of viewguest of BFMTV.

After this afternoon in Wales, at the end of the day King Charles III will go to the Palace of Westminster with his sister and two brothers for a “vigil of the princes” around the coffin of his mother, Elizabeth II.

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