Kylian Mbappé plans to file a complaint against RMC Sport after Daniel Riolo’s comments

Kylian Mbappé plans to file a complaint against RMC Sport after Daniel Riolo’s comments

Kylian Mbappé plans to file a complaint against RMC Sport after Daniel Riolo’s comments

SPORTS SCAN – The Mbappé clan could take legal action due to the comments made by the reporter on the air about the player’s behavior.

We have the example of a player to whom everyone has been saying for years that he is perfectly surrounded, that everything is perfect around him: Kylian Mbappé. Today I will not make any revelations and I will use the conditional, but beware, the things that begin to circulate around him are not very clear. He shouldn’t lose control of this environment that he had (…) The child prodigy of French football who manages everything perfectly, would have been recently approached, he would have done two or three stupid things this last time. Be careful as there are some things around that aren’t great.These statements by Daniel Riolo broadcast on Tuesday on RMC Sport angered the Kylian Mbappé clan. So much so that the international is considering the possibility of filing a libel complaint against the star consultant and the radio.

The journalist’s exit from the After Foot program was streamed from RMC Sport’s Twitter account before being quickly canceled. But an internet user, under the name of EsamB2Back, took a screenshot of this tweet, accompanying the image with a comment deploring the censorship on the subject. The opportunity for the mother of the 2018 world champion to do a muscle development to defend her son by also attacking the author of the capture.

They did well to cancel because we are investigating a defamation complaint against these people as well as you and your informant zlataneur (who is not Kylian’s ex-friend), you are starting to go too far“Fayza Lamari said confirming that a man was recently removed from Kylian Mbappé’s entourage.

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It’s called sabri .O and it’s true, Kylian and his entourage have sidelined it. But he knows why by the way and would make a great case study when it comes to entourageAdded the player’s mother, probably referring to the Pogba affair.

According to The group , who contacted Fayza Lamari, Kylian Mbappé himself would have liked to bring the case to justice. The newspaper specifies that the Parisian striker has excluded this former relative who would have published information about his private life on social networks and under different identities.

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