Lady Diana, queen of style: her outfits that made Buckingham tremble

Lady Diana, queen of style: her outfits that made Buckingham tremble

Lady Diana, queen of style: her outfits that made Buckingham tremble

25 years after her tragic death, Lady Diana continues to be a true source of inspiration. Bold and always in step with the latest trends, the Princess of Wales did not hesitate to break royal protocol. Controversial looks that have made her a fashion figure.

A fashion icon. Exactly 25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, Lady Diana tragically disappeared in a car accident under the bridge of the Alma in Paris. If she has made an impression by her commitments and her devotion to her two children, the Princess of Wales has often done so. hit the headlines for her clothing choices. Passionate about fashion, the ex-wife of Prince Charles did not hesitate to do so freeing itself from the very strict royal protocol to adopt the latest trends. And this as soon as he got into the British crown. At social events, Diana Spencer has often broken her conventions by setting her eyes on strapless dresses. Elegant and glamorous outfits that sensually reveal her bare shoulders. A real affront to the dress rules imposed by Buckingham Palace. Indeed. Protocol strictly forbids members of the royal family from disclosing the upper torso. Very bold in her clothing choices, did not hesitate to shake the codes abandoning the princess dresses for androgynous look in a tuxedo jacket and bow tie.

And for Lady Diana, in the 90s, it was time for emancipation. After her divorce from the future king of England, the princess of hearts has definitely turned her back on the demands of the royal family. If she only wears midi or pencil skirts, so as not to show off her legs, she gladly wore shorter, sexier dresses. This is testified to by the famous “dress of revenge” worn during a gala evening organized at the Serpentine in the gardens of Kensington Palace, on June 29, 1994. “dress of revenge”, this Christina Stambolian outfit shocked everyone, and for good reason. The day before, England and the whole world had learned of Prince Charles’s infidelities through a shocking documentary, he who was later separated from his ex-wife.

PHOTOS – Lady Diana: return to her most controversial looks

Far from the codes and traditions of British royalty, Lady Diana did not hesitate to play the map of casual and sporty looks. Prince William and Harry’s mom made washed-out mom jeans, oversized sweatshirts and above all the cyclist athleisure, the favorite pieces of her new wardrobe. Whether it was to pick up her boys from school or to give speeches, the one she lived with Dodie Al-Fayed lit the press with it is nonconformist but at the forefront of trends. Though controversial, her looks continue to inspire thousands of fashionistas!

Lady Diana: the slip dress scandal

Lady Diana has never stopped shaking the lines of the royal dress protocol. On December 10, 1996, she was the first princess to accept an invitation from the Metropolitan Museum in New York. For this event, the Princess of Wales looked stunning a designer dress Christian Dior from Giovanni Galliano, obviously. A “slip dress” with the air of a dressing gown with which the princess had taken care to accessorise pearl earrings and sapphire necklace. Very quickly, this dress that reveals her cleavage and perfectly matches her silhouette made the headlines in the UK. While the Daily mail protested to see the princess wearing no bra, the Guardian she defined her navy blue silk dress as “nightgown”. A look that, like Lady Diana, has become iconic.

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