Launch of the Le French Gut project: a better understanding of the French microbiota

Launch of the Le French Gut project: a better understanding of the French microbiota

Launch of the Le French Gut project: a better understanding of the French microbiota

French gut invites French adults to contribute to the mapping of the national gut microbiota. His ambition? By 2027, collect 100,000 fecal samples, along with nutritional and clinical information. A first pilot phase is launched in September 2022 to collect 3,000 samples.

Launched and supported by INRAE ​​and its MetaGenoPolis unit, French gut brings together many French institutions that combine their strengths to accelerate microbiota science. This project, carried out in collaboration with the AP-HP, who will be the investigator, is carried out in collaboration with public institutions and private actors in the field of microbiota. So the consortium French gut currently brings together 4 public institutions (INRAE, AP-HP, Inserm, AgroParisTech) and 11 private partners (Biocodex, Biofortis, Danone Nutricia Research, GMT Science, Gnosis by Lesaffre, Institut Pasteur, Lallemand Health Solutions, GREENTECH, Nahibu, Nexbiome Therapeutics, AdareBiome).

This ambitious project, estimated at 32 million euros over 5 years, is part of the concept A health and contributes to one of the strategic objectives of INRAE ​​2030 to promote a comprehensive approach to health. The goal is to understand the heterogeneity of the French healthy gut microbiota, the factors affecting it and their deviations in chronic diseases.

With the help of the French, a great deal of scientific knowledge will be generated, which will eventually allow us to move on to personalized preventive nutrition. They will also pave the way for innovative diagnostics and therapies, particularly to combat chronic diseases, which have been steadily and uncontrollably increasing over the past 60 years. Participants, in turn, will be informed about the world of the microbiota and its link with health and nutrition.

French gut revolves around 3 scientific axes:

  • to map the intestinal microbiota of the French;
  • model and predict changes in the gut microbiota associated with chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases), neurodevelopmental disorders (autism, bipolarity, etc.) and neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease);
  • Describe the changes in the intestinal microbiota associated with the presence and development of the diseases and functional disorders referred to in the previous point.

This project was approved by the Committee for the Protection of Individuals (CPP) and by the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL).

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With the interventions of Filippo MauguinPresident and CEO of INRAE, Carole CarantaDeputy CEO of Science and Innovation at INRAE, Stephanie DecoopmanDeputy Director General of AP-HP e Tommaso LombeDeputy Director General for Inserm Strategy.

Detailed presentation of the project (operation, program, phases) by the coordinators Joel Doredirector of gut microbiota research at INRAE ​​e Robert Benamouzhead of the department of gastroenterology and digestive oncology at the Avicenne AP-HP hospital in Bobigny.

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