Les 12 coups de midi: bad news, the show will no longer be available … for a story of money

Les 12 coups de midi: bad news, the show will no longer be available … for a story of money

Les 12 coups de midi: bad news, the show will no longer be available … for a story of money

If you are a fan of the show The 12 shots of noon and you have a Canal + subscription, you risk having a (big) problem … While the game hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann is in full swing, a recent question asked to a candidate has shocked the web. Unfortunately, some viewers may not be more able to watch the program. In fact, on September 2, the TF1 star posted a press release on her Instagram account. Inside, an important announcement regarding the broadcasting of the group’s programs, including the game that is depopulating with the French. In fact, while the Bolloré group, owner of Canal +, was in talks with the first European channel… Unfortunately, an agreement was not reached between the two television giants. And the consequences are serious …

Sad news for some fans of the midday shots

“The TF1 group takes note of the decision of the Canal + group to cease the transmission of its channels and services by the Canal + group and strongly deplores it. Although the TF1 group is distributed by all distributors FREE, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Molotov and Salto, Canal + did not want to conclude a new distribution agreement for the channels and services of the TF1 group despite weeks of discussions and negotiations.“, We learn in the press release. In other words, “if you receive the TF1, TMC, TF1 Séries Films, LCI and MYTF1 channels via Canal +, you no longer have access to our channels and services”, explained the group. The only way ? Check out the midday snaps, for example, on the TF1 Playback website. To see live or in playback and accessible … On computer, phone or tablet.

Instagram account of Jean-Luc Reichmann

A decision with serious consequences for subscribers. Also, in the comments bar, many Internet users reacted. “Sad to be deprived of our programs. For a story of money, the spectators are taken hostage ”,“ whatever the fault of one or the other, it is the spectators who drink! Shame ! “,” It is not normal to see him. Given the prices of season tickets, we should go on strike for the regulations ”,“ it is really unfortunate for Canal subscribers ”,“ inadmissible, just think of the elderly! “. Or, “Just money. Audiovisual, thank you for taking us hostage, I hope this conflict is resolved quickly“, We could read under the publication of Jean-Luc Reichmann. Note that TF1 has decided to file a complaint against the Canal group.

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