Les Z’amours, Slam … Olympe connects the game shows and tells the backstage

Les Z’amours, Slam … Olympe connects the game shows and tells the backstage

Les Z’amours, Slam … Olympe connects the game shows and tells the backstage

Olympe Leblond, 42, passionate about game shows.
Olympe Leblond, 42, is passionate about game shows. She has been casting since 2018. © Tifenn Lorcy

Olympe Leblond has a hard time counting the number of programs she has participated in. Since 2018 she is she on the set of The Z’amors, from Everyone wants to take his place and several times in theissue slam with Cyril Feraud. He has participated three times bang, and went to Grand Slam.

In the other shows, the CHD nurse from La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) only had a winless spell. We meet her as a family, a Saint-Jean-de-Monts (Vandée), when she just passed a video casting. For now, the show’s name is top secret.

A first game show in 2018

“I attended my first game show in 2018. I did the casting at home, I responded to an ad on social media. I did it for fun, for a show with Cyril Féraud. Olympe has always loved games:

He accompanies us like a family, at noon. I love learning things.

Olympe Leblond

In castings, it is often the personal stories that make a difference. “I said a lot! Olimpia smiled.

“My meeting with my husband, for example. It’s been 22 years. I fell in love with him in a bar. I bought a coffee or a drink for everyone I knew for several days in this same bar. Until the day I ran into someone who knew him: he finally introduced us. “

Olympe Leblond started game shows in 2018.
Olympe Leblond started participating in gaming programs in 2018. © Screenshot

She is also happy to announce that she was able to preview during the American film festival in Deauville: “Someone in front of us has offered us two invitations! We took the opportunity. We found ourselves in the observation room Giulia and Giulia in presence of Meryl Streep and other movie stars. “

“Transformed in five minutes! “

His first TV, he remembers it very well:

Video: currently on Actu

It was stressful. Although I found it fantastic to be able to discover the behind the scenes. From a distance, the studios look like hangars in the middle of nowhere, but when you enter there is a great atmosphere, the teams make you feel really comfortable.

But beware, the emissions are “a lot coded“. “You have to be at such a distance from your partner, you have to lift the box in such a way, you have to always remember to smile. On my first TV, I was very afraid of having a halo under my arm! she laughs. She also had to look at someone in the room: at the slightest sign of her from her part of her, she had to reposition herself.

In one of the games, he chained three shows. the Ballet of the TV crew it is intoxicating. “You have to put on make-up, change your hairstyle, change your clothes. Once transformed in five minutes, I didn’t even know what I looked like! Besides, I barely recognized myself, ”she says. Candidates often have “layers” of foundation.

During the show Les Z'Amours.
Olympe Leblond, during her appearance on the show Les Z’amours. © Screenshot

Also, he recalls an anecdote: “I was told to come with different outfits, not black, not white, but colored. Then it is the stylist who chooses. Once, one of them took my clothes out of the suitcase, and said: no, that’s bad too, not that… She had only kept one dress! “

Thousands of euros in gifts

Before TV, Olympe participated in many radio games: Alouette, Hit West, Chérie FM.

I have won many concert tickets, many trips and suitcases.

Olympe Leblond

This represents several thousand euros. She won too trips. “I have won 5 travel boxes. And thanks to these games on the radio, I was able to attend a festival every year. I also won tickets for the Viens dans mon île festival on Île d’Yeu, with the boat to go there, the accommodation and the concert! “

The 12 o’clock shots and the Beijing Express in sight

A game you dream of playing? The 12 noon shots on TF1. “I’ve passed the casting five times, I’ve never been caught! she blurts out.

I’m a serious person. Maybe they are looking for more extravagant people. I think I could earn more, because I often have the right answers, and I like Jean-Luc Reichmann, I find there is a good-natured atmosphere on the game board.

Olympe Leblond

The bottle into the sea is thrown. Olympe also dreams of doing Beijing Express, with a friend. He has already completed the Vendée edition, swamp express, mid-August. “I’ve met extraordinary people. While hitchhiking, people on their way to work turned around, a lady made a detour of 100km to take us to our destination. The evenings were incredible ”.

A secret to getting a TV casting? be yourself. “I like culture and I know how to answer questions of general knowledge, but that’s not what interests them most. You also have to show that you want to be there. “

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