LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin heads to London

LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin heads to London

LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin heads to London

Elizabeth II’s coffin heads to Buckingham Palace

The royal coffin was transferred to a hearse before leaving Northolt Airport. Now he goes to Buckingham Palace, where King Charles III, accompanied by his queen consort Camilla, will welcome him.

Elizabeth II's royal coffin was moved to a hearse before heading to Buckingham Palace.
Elizabeth II’s royal coffin was moved to a hearse before heading to Buckingham Palace. © BFM TV

The hearse should reach Buckingham Palace in approximately 50 minutes. The London rain hasn’t deterred the British, many of whom are on the side of the road waiting to see the convoy pass. The hearse particularly borrows a highway, where many cars stop on the quay to see the coffin one last time.

The royal coffin arrived at Northolt airport near London

The plane carrying Elizabeth II’s remains landed on English soil at Northolt Airport.

Ben Wallace, the Secretary of State for Defense and Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are on the runway to welcome the coffin before it is transported to London, Buckingham Palace.

The plane carrying Elizabeth II's coffin landed at Northolt Airport, England.
The plane carrying Elizabeth II’s coffin landed at Northolt Airport, England. © BFM TV

The remains of Elizabeth II have left Edinburgh Airport

The Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster plane carrying Queen Elizabeth’s coffin took off from Edinburgh Airport in honor of the military.

The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II has taken off and is headed for London.
The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II has taken off and is headed for London. © BFM TV

He is headed to London, where he is expected in just under an hour.

The plane carrying Elizabeth II’s coffin prepares for take-off

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was placed inside the Royal Air Force plane. The remains were transported in solemn silence, before being joined by Princess Anna.

The plane is expected to land in London at around 19:30 French time, after a 55-minute flight.

The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II prepares to take off from Edinburgh.
The plane carrying the remains of Elizabeth II prepares to take off from Edinburgh. © BFM TV

Elizabeth II’s coffin arrives at Edinburgh Airport

Elizabeth II’s coffin prepares to leave Scotland for good. She will fly to London on a Royal Air Force C17 Globemaster aircraft.

The royal convoy traveled 14 kilometers between the Saint-Gilles cathedral and the asphalt, to the applause and the last tributes of the Scots who crowded on the sides of the roads to see the hearse.

Princess Anne escorts the body to the English capital, where the coffin will be greeted by King Charles before spending the night in Buckingham Palace.

Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Edinburgh

Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh to the sound of bagpipes.

The last procession takes place in the presence of thousands of Scots, who have come to pay homage to their queen one last time.

Princess Anne, present in Edinburgh, will accompany her mother to London. The coffin will travel aboard the Royal Air Force’s C17 Globemaster aircraft, an aircraft that has performed numerous humanitarian missions in the past.

Charles III leaves Belfast to go to Buckingham Palace

The religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Sant’Anna has come to an end. King Charles III took a stroll after mass before heading to London to receive the queen’s coffin at Buckingham Palace.

The coffin should leave Edinburgh for the English capital in under an hour.

Religious ceremony in Belfast

The king is at St. Anne’s Cathedral to attend a mass in memory of Queen Elizabeth.

The king addresses the Northern Irish leaders

“My mother deeply felt the importance of the role she had played in bringing together those whom history had separated and in reaching out to make healing longstanding wounds possible,” King Charles said addressing the leaders of Ireland’s major parties. to Hillsborough Castle.

Before him intervened Alex Maskey, leader of Sinn Féin, party in favor of the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland, welcoming the role of the queen, “witness of social and political changes”, important among her first visit in 1953 and his second trip in 2012.

“Yesterday an assembly of unionists, republicans and nationalists gathered to pay tribute to the late queen. When she first ascended the throne, no one would have expected such a diverse and inclusive assembly.”

A visit to Northern Ireland under tension

The new King Charles III is traveling through the four nations of the United Kingdom this week, but the most important test of reconciliation awaits him in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has only known peace since 1998 and remains fragile.

Deeply devoted to Queen Elizabeth II, Northern Irish unionists fear that their cause, belonging to the United Kingdom, is more threatened than ever, in a political context shattered by Brexit and the historic rise of Republican nationalists, advocates of reunification with the neighboring Republic of Ireland.

Sinn Fein, for its part, refuses to recognize the authority of the monarchy in Northern Ireland and does not occupy its seats in the Westminster Parliament.

King Charles in Ireland
King Charles in Ireland © BFMTV

The British flock to Edinburgh for farewells

The British are rushing by the tens of thousands this Tuesday to meditate in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin in Edinburgh before her move to London, where a grand farewell is being prepared.

For several hours, thousands of anonymous people have been gathering, bowing, bowing, signing or wiping a tear in front of the oak coffin that rests in the Scottish capital’s cathedral.

Very early Tuesday morning, the waiting time was around two hours but the queue is expected to get longer in the morning, the Scottish government has warned.

The Queen's coffin, 12 September in Edinburgh.
The Queen’s coffin, 12 September in Edinburgh. © Jane Barlow – AFP

Russia, Belarus and Burma not invited to the funeral

More than 500 leaders from countries around the world were invited to the Queen’s funeral next Monday. Russia, Belarus and Burma are not on the list of invited countries.

Vladimir Putin said shortly after the queen’s death that he “had no plans” to attend her funeral.

King Charles III on his way to Ireland

Charles III and his wife Camilla are expected in Northern Ireland on Tuesday to meet with leaders of major parties. Prime Minister Liz Truss will join them there.

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