LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Holyrood Palace for Edinburgh Cathedral

LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Holyrood Palace for Edinburgh Cathedral

LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Holyrood Palace for Edinburgh Cathedral

Charles III follows the hearse on foot

As mentioned earlier, King Charles III, wearing a military uniform, made the journey to the cathedral on foot, behind the hearse.

Up to 30 hours of waiting to see the late queen’s body in Edinburgh

As the royal remains are transported to St. Gilles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, crowds gather along the way. After the ceremony, he will be able to parade in front of the sovereign’s body … but he will have to be patient.

According to our information, we estimate up to 30 hours of waiting for the less affluent in the crowd.

The coffin of Elizabeth II leaves Holyrood Palace

The coffin containing the remains of Elizabeth II has just left Holyrood Palace before being loaded into the hearse, under the eyes of Charles III.

Everything must now take the direction of the Cathedral of Saint Giles. The procession moves slowly along the kilometer that separates the castle from the church.

Liz Truss arrives at the cathedral

British Prime Minister Liz Truss has just arrived at Saint Giles Cathedral as the ceremony approaches.

The ceremony is about to begin.

The British authorities’ appeal to sobriety towards international guests at the queen’s funeral

According to our information gathered from a French ministerial source, the British authorities have encouraged some 500 international dignitaries expected at the Queen’s funeral next Monday to be sober.

Therefore, they will have to avoid private jets to reach the UK; they prefer collective buses instead of helicopters and personal cars to move around London, “for safety reasons and for traffic problems”, according to a statement Politic and AFP; according to our colleagues from Politic- this is not a definitive rule: guests are also asked to favor commercial flights “when possible”.

If, despite these British recommendations, the leaders still get on their plane, the government warns that they will not be able to land at London’s Heathrow airport but will have to aim for “less congested airports”.

It is also specified that only one representative per country and the spouse will be authorized within Westminster Abbey. “Due to the limited space during the state funeral and related events, no other family members, staff or entourage of the main guest will be admitted,” indicates this note, also quoted by the AFP

The royal procession began around the Saint Giles cathedral

A military parade – bagpipes in the lead – is underway near the cathedral of Saint Giles.

At the same time, the Scots Guard settled in Holyrood to frame Charles III, Camilla and the coffin in the cathedral.

Saint Giles Cathedral is already filling up

While the departure of Elizabeth II’s body from Holyrood castle is still awaited, the cathedral of Saint-Giles, which in a few moments will host the mass for Elizabeth II, is already filling up.

In addition to King Charles III and the high dignitaries of the monarchy, the ceremony summons the desk and backbench of Scottish society.

A minute of silence in homage to Elizabeth II next Sunday at 8pm throughout the United Kingdom

According to the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, next Sunday at 8pm (local time, or 9pm in France) there will be a minute of silence throughout the United Kingdom in homage to the late Elizabeth II.

Religious ceremony in Saint Giles, homage from the Scottish Parliament: the continuation of Charles III’s program this afternoon

Elizabeth II’s coffin is still within the walls of Holyrood Palace, but Beer is about to leave the royal residence, heading for the Scottish capital’s St Giles Cathedral, a mile away, where a religious ceremony will take place from 15:00 (16:00 French time). ). It should be noted that Charles III should accompany the coffin on foot.

After the ceremony, the Scots will be able to reunite with the remains. In the meantime, Charles III will receive the tributes and condolences of the local Parliament.

Charles III receives the keys to the city of Edinburgh at the Royal Palace of Holyrood

King Charles III is currently located in Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the British monarchs in Edinburgh, although the Queen preferred to live in Balmoral all her life during her sojourns in Scotland.

After greeting the Scottish Guard, Charles II received the keys to the city.

The king meets the Scots

Hailed by the crowd upon his arrival in central Edinburgh, King Charles III went to meet the Scots, who flocked to pay homage to the queen.

The royal couple must then meet Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Prime Minister.

King Charles III arrives in Edinburgh

King Charles III’s plane landed on the runway at Edinburgh Airport.

The body of her mother, Elizabeth II, who died Thursday in Balmoral, is currently in the Scottish capital.

King Charles is on his way to Edinburgh

The king took a plane to Nothholt airport which will take him to Edinburgh in Scotland.

Charles will address the Scottish Parliament

As Queen Elizabeth’s coffin leaves the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh for St. Giles’ Cathedral on Monday afternoon, King Charles will travel to the Scottish Parliament.

In Scotland, Ireland and even Wales, separatist wishes are being heard. This transition period, when the country welcomes a new monarch, is also particularly delicate for Charles.

“I feel the weight of history”: King Charles speaks to parliamentarians

Responding to the condolences of the representatives of both Houses, King Charles III said “I feel the weight of the history and the vital traditions of Parliament”. “Elizabeth II showed her example, I will try to follow in her footsteps,” he continued.

The President of the House of Lords pays tribute to the Queen

Lord McFall of Alcluith, Speaker of the House of Lords, first paid homage to Queen Elizabeth, followed by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

“As deep as our pain is, we know yours is deeper,” she said.

Charles III in Parliament

King Charles III is expected this Monday in the British Parliament. If he has already spoken there, he has been on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, for the speech from the throne.

This visit to the Palace of Westminster, accompanied by Queen consort Camilla, is therefore his first meeting with parliamentarians as a king.

The king must address the parliamentarians and receive their condolences.

Westminster Palace
Palace of Westminster © BFMTV

Charles was proclaimed king on Saturday 10 September at Saint James’s Palace in London.

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