LIVE – Montpellier-Lille: with David in full regalia, LOSC wins at La Mosson!

LIVE – Montpellier-Lille: with David in full regalia, LOSC wins at La Mosson!

LIVE – Montpellier-Lille: with David in full regalia, LOSC wins at La Mosson!

Al Mosson is over! (1-2)

Lille recover in Montpellier after the defeat a few days ago against OGC Nice! The Mastiffs just pass in front of the opponents of the day in the standings.


This time Montpellier will no longer have the chance to return! David scores a brace that probably looks like the KO goal! 3-1!

Shot of Gomes

André Gomes tries his luck in first intention but his shot goes well above the doors of the MHSC.

Another 5 minutes

The referee indicates that there will be five minutes of injury time before the end of the match.

Yellow for Gomes

André Gomes plays on his experience, making mistakes and interrupting the action then led by Souquet.

Change for MHSC

Exit of Chotard and entry of Makouana.

Yellow for Ounas

Yellow card for Ounas for a high shot. If the video is used, it will logically be removed as the blame and the dangerous side of the gesture are non-existent.


The MHSC goalkeeper plays a great game and gets to prevent the guests from counterattacking by intervening – and how – on Djalo’s helmet pulled into the corner!

Changes for MHSC

Sakho and Ferri give way to Souquet and Fayad respectively. Everything remains to be done for the MHSC!

Carvalho well present on this corner

After a big mess in the penalty area on a corner to the advantage of the LOSC, the ball bounced off many Lille before landing in the gloves of the MHSC goalkeeper.


Possession of 88%, 6 shots to zero, so many numbers that show the enormous dominance of the LOSC in this second period.

Small break of freshness

The freshness break to restore rhythm and intensity?

Matchstick cut

There is less play and passing sequences in the last few minutes. Unlike fouls, duels and stoppages.

Exit from Cabella

Wounded, Cabella gives way to André Gomes! First appearance of the Portuguese midfielder under the LOSC shirt.

Changes on the MHSC side

Leroy gives way to Tchato!


Angel Gomes is rewarded for his efforts and allows LOSC to pass into this second period! Find your way to the nets from a superb low to the ground between the penalty area. 2-1 for Lille!

Large dominance of visitors

Unsurprisingly, Lille largely dominated by the return from the locker room and this exclusion of Germain. The game will be long for the locals.

Strike of Gomes thwarted!

The MHSC defense is attentive to this action and deflects Gomes’ shot into the area. Nice entry from Lille!

Let’s go back to the Mosson! (1-1)

No changes to notice during the break. We start with the same players on both sides.

First time at Mosson! (1-1)

The residents of Montpellier have suffered a lot since the start of this match, but are back in the locker room side by side against a much more enterprising Lille! 1-1 on the break!

Germain expelled!

Incredible ! Montpellier will finish this game outnumbered! Germin is excluded after this dangerous gesture on Ounas! Half time to come.

Another 3 minutes

The referee indicates that there will be three minutes of recovery before returning to the locker room.


It is deserved! Perfectly served in depth by Cabella, David tries his luck in the first attention and draws! 1-1!

New Carvalho fashion show

The Montpellier keeper stretched out at the right moment to deflect this shot from Gomes from the edge of the box. Lille try to equalize before returning to the locker room!

Great entry from Ounas!

What a voice for the Algerian! The Lille player breaks away from two MHSC defenders and tries to serve David, who is too short.

Change on the side of LOSC!

Adam Ounas enters the game in place of Zhegrova! The first appearance of the Algerian with the colors of LOSC and his return to Ligue 1!

Zhegrova remains on the ground

The Lille striker will certainly leave his post, injured behind the knee.

Nice comeback from Djalo

The Portuguese defender remains careful on this counterattack and removes the ball from Wahi’s feet, who only had to serve Nordin to go on goal!


Lille have tried their luck 10 times. Against 3 for MHSC players.

LOSC less in it

After the opening of MHSC, the game has clearly changed. Guests are less present in duels, on second balls, and necessarily less dangerous.


The LOSC goalkeeper was completely wrong on this goal kick! Wahi takes advantage of this – largely avoidable – dumpling to open the scoring against run of play! Incredible scenery!

Kick for nothing …

Montpellier had the opportunity to open the scoring on this free kick at the entrance of the area but the block against this shot by Nordin!

Wahi loses his duel!

The MHSC could have opened the scoring against the course of the match, not to mention the beautiful exit of Jardim on the feet of Wahi in this counterattack!

12 out of 12

The LOSC players touched the ball 12 times in the opponent’s area in the first 12 minutes. Total domain.


This is the second amount that MHSC saves! After a great collective move, Ismaily sees his shot hitting the post! Lilac grows!

Montpellier in great difficulty

Falaye Sacko’s great comeback on Bamba during this Lille counterattack! Another opportunity for visitors.

Cross to Lille!

First notice for the MHSC! On the corner after the first chance for Lille, Djalo finds the crossbar with a devastating helmet shot! He was hot!

First wick lit by LOSC

Nice collective movement of the guests who are about to open the scoring on this goal from Edon Zhegrova. Corner to follow!

Observation phase

Hasty start of the match, many duels and many interruptions for the moment.

Kick-off at Mosson! (0-0)

Let’s go to the Mosson! (0-0)

It was Lille, in white, who kicked off this match that counts for the sixth day of Ligue 1. Magnificent atmosphere!

Pre-match ‘

Kick-off is imminent!

The players are on the Mosson lawn, accompanied by match referee Jérôme Brisard.

Pre-match ‘

The composition of the MHSC

Carvalho – Cozza, Esteve, Sacko, Sacko – Leroy, Chotard, Ferri – Nordin, Germain, Wahi.

Pre-match ‘

The composition of LOSC

Jardim – Diakité, Fonte (cap.), Djalo, Ismaily – André, Gomes – Zhegrova, Cabella, Bamba – David.

Pre-match ‘

Good morning everyone !

And welcome to our website to follow the live commentary of the match between Montpellier (5th, 9 points) and Lille (8th, 7 points), valid for the sixth day of Ligue 1. Kick-off at 13!

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