LIVE – Nice-Monaco: the Monegasques offer the derby, the Aiglon still in the hard

LIVE – Nice-Monaco: the Monegasques offer the derby, the Aiglon still in the hard

LIVE – Nice-Monaco: the Monegasques offer the derby, the Aiglon still in the hard

Success for Monaco in the derby!

Nice operation and success of measure for Monaco on the lawn of rival Nice (0-1), too shy for the first double Delort-Laborde. Preserved by the beautiful match of Alexander Nübel, author of several saves, the Monegasques ended up scoring at the first shot on goal – late – by Breel Embolo (69th). Before C3, the men of Philippe Clement, tenth, integrate the first part of the standings, with the same number of points as Rennes. Sixteenth, the Aiglons are still slow to really launch their season.

Additional time

While Diop had managed to enter the area and strike, a crushed shot captured by Nübel, the fourth referee signals 4 minutes of recovery.

Change for Monaco

Out of Golovin, who has given so much. He is replaced by Jakobs in the left lane.

First game save for Schmeichel

He passes by Caio Henrique who hits and goes there alone. The Brazilian takes the opportunity from outside the box, Schmeichel stretches out on this ball.

Embolo is on the ground

The scorer of the match remains on the ground and asks for the intervention of the technicians, slightly moved. He should be able to finish the game.

Nice I can not do it

We no longer see the Aiglons really approaching the surface of Nübel. The latest changes did not bring much, Diop or Beka Beka did not provide the necessary binder for the decent Delort-Laborde doublet in front.


Monaco have not lost any of their last 7 away games in Ligue 1 (5 wins, 2 draws), the best running streak with Paris and the longest streak for ASM in the top flight from December 2017 to April 2018 (7 also ).

Double change for Nice

Diop finds his former teammates, while Bryan begins his first with the Gym. Bardo and his grandfather go out.

It’s urgent for the Aiglons

The people of Nice have to wake up, the Monegasques have now really got their hands on the game. Rosario has been fairly non-existent in the debates since he went on hiatus, Nice lost in the exchange to Thuram.


Second goal of the season in Ligue 1 for Embolo, favorite tonight to Ben Yedder. The Swiss agrees with his coach.


One in Monaco was enough to open the scoring !!! While the ASM has not yet shot on goal, Embolo catapults a nice cross from Caio Henrique with a header from close range, the Monegasques find the foul !!

VAR changes nothing

Finally, Bard’s hand is not sanctioned as Fofana’s offside is well validated. The game resumes.

Change for Monaco … and VAR

Aguilar leaves, replaced by Vanderson. Meanwhile, the referee video goes back to the previous action … You could whistle the hand of a Bard, but inside or outside the area?

Goal denied to Fofana! (0-0)

Corner for ASM on the left. Diatta shoots from outside the area, his rejection arrives on Fofana who controls and then scores. But the Monegasque environment is logically marked offside.

What a rescue from Nübel !! (0-0)

What a fantastic intervention by Nübel, who goes out to bed with a thousand on this shot a few meters from Dante’s door !! The Nice defender had been forgotten at the far post on a placed attack.

High-level defenses

If this derby is slow to unlock, the good work of the two respective defenses, rarely caught, should be reported. The triplets Dante-Todibo-Viti and Sarr-Badiashile-Disasi work well.

Diatta hits wide

Small festival of the twirling Monegasque who has fun with Viti on the right and finds himself in a suggestive position. His violent attempt from the left passes a few meters to the side.

Change for the people of Nice

To the applause, Beka Beka replaces Ramsey in the middle. A sector therefore completely renewed.

Screws with mastery

The defensive intervention of the young Viti, one of the gym recruits, was excellent. The Italian defender is quick on his support in front of his surface to fend off Diatta who was attacking him.

Post for Monaco … and offside

Golovin had admired his technical qualities in the opposing area and had broken through the post with a shot from the ground. The Russian was however offside at the start of the action.

Yellow card for Rosario

Bad intervention by the newcomer, who holds Fofana’s shorts and knocks him down. Card dealt for this anti-play action.

Great start to the gym

The Nice side have put a lot of pressure on the Monegasques since the recovery. ASM struggles to get out of an opposing offensive that goes from one corner of its surface to the other.

Let’s start again at the Allianz Riviera! (0-0)

Change to be noted on the counterattack, Thuram gives way to Rosario in the middle. Maybe a physical defect? We also expect Ben Yedder who should arrive in the second half.

It’s the break in this derby! (0-0)

The Allianz Riviera is boiling but this bumpy derby took time to go ashore. The Monegasques have their hands on the ball but dominate a little too sterile, only Alexander Golovine is dangerous (41st). The Nice people got some situations (13th, 29th), but for the moment they are losing the battle in the middle. Youcef Atal was injured after half an hour.

Additional time

Three additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

Dante’s head

The people from Nice are positioned high up on the pitch and take advantage of it. Thuram’s cross was deflected with a header from Pépé, which gave Dante an advantage at the far post. The defender lands a header that goes directly to Nübel.

Bard is slow to get up

Great aerial duel between Diatta and Bard, who at the top of the jump is unbalanced by the opponent and falls heavily. The Niçois struggles to recover.

Golovin opens his foot too far! (0-0)

What an opportunity for the Monegasques! Launched by a subtle and heartfelt deviation of Embolo, Golovine sinks to the surface and opens his right foot. A little too much, he passes right next to the pole!

Yellow card for Camara

The Monegasque environment is sanctioned by the referee, he who had come, like so many of his teammates, to challenge an arbitration decision.

The Monegasques are not there

Monaco continues to press and gnaw space in the opponent’s half. On a placed attack, Badiashile sees his shot blocked, before Golovin sends a half volley in the air.

Hard blow for the people of Nice and Atal, who are leaving

The Algerian piston will not be able to continue. He leaves, replaced by the versatile Lotomba.

The (new) card for Atal

Accustomed to physical defects, Atal remains on the ground along the sideline. The piston required shifting after accelerating, coming to a standstill.

Grandpa’s great volley! (0-0)

It was enough to say that we didn’t see the grandfather to make the former Gunner stand out! Served by a skilful delivery of Delort in the area, the Ivorian did not ask questions and fired a domineering volley that Nübel caught in two halves thanks to his good positioning!


The record of comparisons (9) between Nice and Monaco at the Allianz Riviera in Ligue 1 is perfectly balanced: 4 wins each, while the last one ended in a draw (2-2 in September 2021).

Monaco is gaining momentum

The Nice players abuse long balls and struggle to settle in the opposing half or find Pépé in particular. The Monegasques took the lead in this meeting, but now they must be dangerous for Schmeichel.

Fofana and Ramsey do not let themselves go

For a few minutes there has been a great physical duel between Fofana and Ramsey. The two men seek and measure each other, the Monegasque is on the verge of his new muscular intervention on the Welshman.

Dante in the right place

Excellent intervention by the Brazilian central defender, who pulls a very dangerous cross from the left from the top of his hair. Embolo remained behind.

Impact Camara

The Monegasques get bolder over the minutes and start winning in the middle of the battle. Camara is precious at the heart of the game.

The referee lenient with Fofana

Small call to the order of the referee Fofana, who intervened voluntarily to prevent Ramsey from quickly kicking a free kick. Next time it’s yellow.

The first firecracker is from Nice! (0-0)

Good projection of the Aiglon with a lot of work by Laborde that transplants towards the axis. He sees the fall of Atal on the right and serves her. The piston unleashes a heavy uncontrolled blow that Nübel captures in two stages!

Thuram good at reading

Badiashile tries to break the lines with a low pass to the ground towards his forwards, but Thuram reads the trajectory well and recovers in the middle.

It’s a derby atmosphere

Both the players and the fans are quite enthusiastic. The contacts are numerous and straightforward, hot encouragement for the Nice, who now leave a little more ball to the Monegasques.

Nubel is not shy

A little risky exit by Nübel, who goes to look for Delort on the outside of the surface and forces him to move away and then hit. The delivery of the head by Laborde is of no avail later to a Nicoise.

Les Aiglons take matters into their own hands

Under the explosions of several pyrotechnic devices, we find Nizza in possession of the ball from the beginning of the game, and trying to rush forward quickly.

Let’s go to the Allianz Riviera! (0-0)

It was the Monegasques who kicked off this final match of the 6th day of Ligue 1!

Kick-off is imminent!

The players entered the lawn of a hot Allianz Riviera, accompanied by the referee of the match, Benoît Millot.

And a surprise with the introduction of a new recruit from Nice!

It was Ross Barkley, vacated by Chelsea, who officially joined the Aiglons. The English international has just been introduced to the Allianz Riviera.

ASM must take off

Monaco, for their part, remains on a surprise defeat against Troyes, at home. Philippe Clement’s players have not won in L1 from the first day.

Are the Aiglons finally launched?

Nice has finally found its colors by going to win, Wednesday of the previous day, on the LOSC lawn (1-2). After this first success of the season, Lucien Favre’s Aiglons will want to continue in this derby that smells of dust.

The eleven Monegasques

Surprise, Wissam Ben Yedder on the bench. Breel Embolo is the owner, surrounded by Alexandre Golovine and Krépin Diatta.

The composition of Nice with the owner Laborde

Reform of the Laborde-Delort duo, this time in Nice. Nicolas Pépé accompanies them in front. Aaron Ramsey and Khéphren Thuram are lined up in the center.

A derby of misclassified

Nice and Monaco, two ambitious people who are facing a complicated start to the season. Because tonight is the 14 that faces the 16.

The people of Nice have arrived

With the latest recruit from Rennes, Gaëtan Laborde.

Good night to all!

And welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow live the match report of the sixth day of Ligue 1 between OGC Nice (14th, 5 points) and AS Monaco (16th, 5 points). Kick-off scheduled for 20:45!

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