LIVE – OL-Angers: OL plays at home and temporarily climbs on the podium

LIVE – OL-Angers: OL plays at home and temporarily climbs on the podium

LIVE – OL-Angers: OL plays at home and temporarily climbs on the podium

It’s over, OL thrash Angers (5-0)!

The final whistle is heard. She ended up at Groupama Stadium, OL during a health walk attacks a suitcase in Angers. 5-0, with a brace in particular by Toko Ekambi against his former team. Peter Bosz’s men can smile.

The Lyon audience in fusion

The OL match increases the volume in the stands. Lyonnais fans celebrate their success with dignity. Great atmosphere at Groupama Stadium!

Dembélé completes Angers, it’s 5-0!

Coming into the game in place of Lacazette, Dembélé also joins the party after an exceptional solo run. The former Celtic striker sets the Groupama stadium on fire and completes OL’s magnificent evening!

Tolisso will end the game

Tonight 90 minutes for Corentin Tolisso, the first this season for the OL midfielder. Sign of an increase in power physically.

Doumbia embarks on a solo number

Doumbia continues to strike to his left. Launched, the former Rennes resident made big differences with the ball between his feet and collapsed in the area. No blame, he is well arbitrated.

Anger pushes to save the day

Technical approximations are multiplying on both sides, organizations are tired. Angers had a few chances and tried to score a goal to save the day, but OL remained solid.

OL does not move

The Lyonnais continue to put in a lot of energy in this final game, still in the laundry. It has to be said that the audience is in good shape and pushing Peter Bosz’s troupe.

Toko Ekambi leaves his seat, acclaimed by the public

The changes continue. To involve everyone in the party is the young Bradley Barcola who takes the place of Toko Ekambi, today a double.

Anger makes changes

Valery and Ounahi give way to Thioub and Capelle. Anger makes you change even if you say the mass.

the great strike of Reine-Adelaide

The former Angevin steals the ball from Ounahi, who stops playing by declaring a foul. Reine-Adelaïde takes advantage of this and fires a great blow. Bernardoni wins.

Standing ovation for Gusto

Double smuggler tonight, Malo Gusto took advantage of the cheers of the Lyon crowd when he left.

The changes continue on both sides

The duo Sima and Salama take the place of the one formed by Boufal and Diony on the side of the SCO. For OL, it is Da Silva and Henrique who replace Mendes and Gusto.

Boufal takes a yellow

On a free kick that is about to negotiate, Boufal is however cautioned, for lack of a challenge from the Moroccan to the referee.

Change for OL, Lacazette renounces his post

Peter Bosz brings fresh blood. Dembélé takes the place of Lacazette, Tetê leaves her to Jeff Reine-Adelaïde.

Gusto also tries his luck

Lyonnais are hard to stop. It’s up to Malo Gusto to try his luck near the area. The strike of the young talent of the 2003 generation forced Bernardoni to struggle and deflect for a corner.

Lukeba extends the party for OL, 4-0!

In the wake of the third goal, OL worsens the score thanks to the young Lukeba. The defender gets up higher than everyone and takes advantage of Bernardoni’s bad exit for the 4-0. The Groupama stadium is on fire.

Double for Toko Ekambi, OL takes off!

To his right, Malo Gusto centers and finds Toko Ekambi. At the far post, the OL striker takes over in first intention and offers himself a brace! OL are heading for victory and take-off.

Warn yourself Tetê and Gusto

Malo Gusto is shown a yellow card. Tetê also gets a reprimand for trying to slow down the game. The first two crackers in the game are for OL.

Scare on the cages of Angers

After a foul on Tolisso, OL gets a good punishment. It is Lacazette who takes care of it. Beyond the wall, her attempt passes within a meter of Bernardoni’s cage.

Lacazette close to doubling, goal disallowed for offside!

On a technical approximation, Angers put himself in danger. Tetê opens his foot, his shot is countered and reaches Lacazette’s feet. The number 10 of Lyon thinks of giving himself a brace but finally sees the Brazilian signaled offside.

Penalty claimed by Angers!

Doumbia sets it on fire and finds Hunou in the area. The recovery of the former Rennais seems to touch Tagliafico’s arm. No penalty according to the referee.

Leading the break is a good sign for OL

Lyon are unbeaten in their last 14 Ligue 1 Uber Eats games after leading the interval (12V, 2N), which has been against Nice since 24 October 2021 (2-3).

Here we go again !

The second half starts. No changes need to be notified.

OL ahead at half time!

It’s half-time at Groupama Stadium! The OLs return to the locker room with a 2-0 lead. A first goal signed by Toko Ekambi and Lacazette comes to double the bet. It will take a proud reaction for the SCO to get back into the game.

The Lopes touches!

Valery recovers the ball and throws himself. The right makes good use of the calls of his teammates to open a good angle of fire. His attempt is deflected by Anthony Lopes, still decisive in the cages.

The Lyonnais close to take home the point

The anger is gone. OL nearly scored the third goal but Alexandre Lacazette was offside. Peter Bosz’s men seem determined to take advantage of the SCO’s distraction period.

Lacazette looks after his return to Ligue 1

Already third goal this season for Alexandre Lacazette with OL. The captain has returned home!

Lacazette doubles the advantage for OL!

The Lyonnais are already taking their break! On a delightful cross from Malo Gusto, Alexandre Lacazette pushed the ball into the net with a superb cross header. OL are relieved.

Hunou stays on the ground and gets up

The Angevin attacking midfielder throws and collapses near the surface. No blame whistled, he stays on the ground and finally gets up.

Possession largely in favor of the Lyonnais

A sign of the Lyonnais’ technical dominance, ball possession is largely in their favor in this first half. 64% against 36% for the SCO.

Toko Ekambi opens the scoring for OL!

Toko Ekambi opens the scoring for OL! On a long pass from Mendes, the Lyon striker finds himself and fires a volley. His well-crossed shot hits the right post before hitting the net. 1-0 for the Lyonnais!

Tolisso tries his luck from afar

The Lyonnais are struggling to break through the opponent’s block. Found in the middle, Tolisso tries his luck from a distance but his shot goes straight to the stands of the Groupama Stadium. At the moment there is a lack of verticality in OL’s game.

Corners multiply for Lyon

Already fourth corner for Lyon in this set. For the moment the Rhodaniens are playing fast without really endangering the opposing area.

Hunou is good for Angers

Affirmed in the middle, the former Rennais does good to his comrades. He is often found between the lines and acts as a link between defense and attack.

Tetê-Lacazette, OL’s two dangerous men

Tetê makes its technical quality speak with an outside of the foot to find Lacazette on the surface. In fox, the Frenchman fails to take back the good ball from his partner.

OL stays high on the pitch

Lyon continue to put pressure on Angers. We feel a real desire from Peter Bosz’s men to press high when the ball is lost.

Tolisso defends well on Boufal

Found in the area after a cross from Diony, Boufal finds himself facing Gusto and Tolisso. The former Bayern Munich resident defends himself well on the Moroccan whose shot comes easily in Lopes’ gloves.

OL installed in the opposite field

The Lyons asserted their technical dominion and settled in the Angevin camp. The opportunities multiply for Peter Bosz’s men, the pressure increases.

An air hole in the defense of Angers

On punishment, Lacazette finds Mendes all alone. The risky delivery of the Brazilian arrives at the feet of Toko Ekambi, very alone too. Offside reported but the Angevin defense seems strawberry.

Big warning for OL, decisive Lopes!

The first big opportunity is from Angevin. Lois Diony will challenge Anthony Lopes and the Portuguese takes over in this first duel of the match. His return is already good!

The great opportunity for Lukeba!

On a corner, the Lyonnais play fast. Romain Faivre crosses into the area for Castello Lukeba, only at the far post. The young defender misses the recovery, which could have turned into an assist for Alexandre Lacazette, but the striker is stopped offside.

Tetê and Gusto set fire to the right

On the right he hits Tetê. Behind him, Gusto divides well and crosses. Bernardoni deflects for a corner. Nice action from Lyonnais, with a superb pass from Tolisso at the start of the action.

Easy stop for Bernardoni

Found on the left, Toko Ekambi tries it by arming a shot at the near post. He is straight in Bernardoni’s gloves.

Boufal already mixing

Already at the first strokes the Moroccan shows himself on his feet. After the second goal scored this week, the Angevin number 7 is launched.

The OLs are already putting pressure on Bernardoni’s cages

On a free kick, OL plays well with a good combination. Lukeba finds Tagliafico deep inside. The Argentine warms Bernardoni’s gloves even if an offside is signaled.

Faivre positions itself between the lines

The Lyon midfielder is already looking for Romain Faivre, who should often be between the lines in this match.

Here we go !

We leave at Groupama Stadium for this match between OL and Angers, it’s the guests who sign.

Lopes back in the OL cages

Suspended for three games after receiving a red card during Ajaccio’s reception in the name of matchday one, Anthony Lopes is making a comeback in the OL stands tonight.

Anger, to breathe again

The SCO is having a complicated start to the season. Martyred at home on Wednesday (loss 4-2), Angers has already suffered three (heavy) defeats and is in a dangerous 19th place in the standings. Gérald Baticle’s men will want to give themselves some air by scoring points.

Lyon: Chain a fourth home win

Kept in check at Reims, OL have an impeccable home record (3 wins in 3 games) and will want to continue after their first win of the week against Auxerre to stay at the top of the table.

Bosz welcomed Lyon’s transfer window

If there is a Ligue 1 manager happy with his team’s transfer window, it is Peter Bosz, who talks about “winners”.

Also known is the eleven of Angers, owner of Boufal

The starting lineup of Angers: Bernardoni – Valery, Bamba, Hountondji, Mendy, Doumbia – Bentaleb, Ounahi – Boufal – Hunou, Diony.

The composition of OL fell

The starting line-up of OL: Lopes – Gusto, Mendes, Lukeba, Tagliafico – Tolisso, Caqueret – Tetê, Faivre, Toko Ekambi – Lacazette.

Faivre is therefore the owner, including Tolisso

Kick-off at 19:00

Who says no match Friday says match at 7pm Saturday in Ligue 1. It is OL receiving Angers right now.

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